After the first half, Sweden led 22-18, instead Spain won 39-36.

Magnus Grahn believes that the first 10-12 minutes of the second half were devastating for Sweden.

- Sweden played too stressed and unstructured in its attack during that period, while Sweden did not make the defense work.

Sweden scores 22 goals in the first half and 14 in the second - that says a lot about the development of the match, says Grahn and adds:

- Unfortunately, there were far too few players who stepped forward in the important situations during that period when Sweden was having a hard time.

After taking silver in the 2021 Olympics and winning the EC last year, expectations were higher for Sweden than going without a medal.

- Overall, I had hoped more for Sweden in terms of results, that Sweden would win a medal at the home WC.

I think Sweden has a squad that can be among the top three.

But has not managed to be good in the important matches in semi-finals and bronze match.