There is plenty of character, there is never any doubt about that, but Spain's resistance stems from a vast knowledge of itself, its strengths and even the last of its weaknesses.

It never dies because if it doesn't, it's like that.

And if not, in another way.

Despite the fact that the team lacks height, and a scary pitcher, and kilos in defense... it is the third best in the world.

This Sunday, against Sweden, the bronze was hung that confirmed it, but he had announced it before: between the Olympic, World and European Games it was the fifth consecutive podium.

Whoever wants a medal in Paris 2024 will have to go down to Spain first.

Above are only France and Denmark, two anthology teams, perhaps the best in history.

(36-39: Narration and statistics)

As happened against Norway in the quarterfinals, Spain presented a million solutions when it suffered the most and most of them worked.

At halftime, they trailed by four goals (22-18) and in the end they won with the same advantage.

The comeback had several heroes, like

Rodrigo Corrales

, excellent in goal in the second half, but none like

Alex Dujshebaev


Before going to the locker room, the demons took him away, angry with everyone, with himself, with his teammates, with anyone who crossed his path, because things were not working out.

In fact, in the bowels of the Tele2 Arena he had an argument with

his brother Dani

, one of those that can only be had in a healthy way with a brother.

The gestures did not deceive.

Odriozola, Maqueda, Figueras...

But when he returned his attitude was already completely different.

Before Sweden took the center, he embraced half the team and at one end of the 5: 1 defense he launched himself for several balls, several recoveries were his.

Beyond his seven goals, some from the hip, a shot that no one has perfected so much, his defensive performance was a stimulus for the entire team, which followed him.

Kauldi Odriozola

, diabolic in the advanced,

Jorge Maqueda

and his fieryness or

Adria Figueras

, in a performance that reminded

Julen Aguinagalde

, accompanied the oldest of the Dujshebaev in an unstoppable rise of Spain.

Not even the screams of the 20,000 souls that packed the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm did anything.

The selection picked up momentum and with it pounced on the podium.

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