- It feels like they wanted to do very much differently.

Nevertheless, I think we perform a good first half, we score 22 goals.

It's a very open match, both teams push and try to tire each other out, hence a lot of goals, says Palicka.

Then the game turned, from Sweden's 22-18 after the first half to Spain's advantage after the first quarter in the second half.

- Then they find a different calm in their game and we end up a bit at a standstill both backwards and forwards.

Too few saves and they find their way to the line and free positions.

WE probably get a little frustrated and tired and lose momentum.

All in all, Andreas Palicka thinks that Sweden is still a team that belongs at the top of the world.

- We have got up there and the difference between first and fourth is not great.

Handball is complex and is about margins.

We don't have the margins in the two final games, especially today, Palicka says and adds:

- We will see and learn from this and take a lot of positive things with us, but also learn to take further steps in Swedish handball.

It's always like that when you lose, then you don't feel good and then we have to live in it and try to grow in it.