Domestic professional baseball teams, who were unable to train abroad due to COVID-19, left for an overseas camp after three years with excitement.

Many fans gathered at the Incheon International Airport departure hall to support Doosan players and head coach Lee Seung-yeop, who are leaving for the Australian spring camp.

[Lee Seung-yeop/Doosan Bears coach: There are excitement and worries, but I will think that I will come with good energy (from Sydney).]

Players who have trained only in Korea for the past two years due to COVID-19 are excited about the overseas spring camp. this is big

[Park Kyung-soo/KT Wiz infielder: I'm excited to be able to build a body in good weather.

I hope all players can build up their bodies in a good environment without injury.]

(Video coverage: Lee Byeong-ju, Video editing: Oh Young-taek)