Earlier this week, the International Olympic Committee came out and said that they want to find a way for Russian and Belarusian athletes to compete under a neutral flag in the upcoming Olympics.

It is welcomed by Markus Cramer, the German who was previously the Russian national team coach and is now in the Italian cross-country team.

- I think it is a good decision.

I hope, firstly, that the war ends very soon and, secondly, that Russian athletes can come back soon even in the World Cup, he says and continues:

- Right now they (Russian riders) understand that it is not possible to compete here.

But they hope for the future.

Last fall, when a re-entry for Russian skiers was raised, Linn Svahn and Maja Dahlqvist said they were considering a boycott if the Russians were allowed to participate.

Earlier this week, Svahn said that she stands by her position.

Cramer doesn't understand that.

- I do not agree with the Swedish athletes.

I don't think any of them have communicated with the Russian athletes.

It is good to talk to them and hear their opinions about the war and the situation.

For me, it is not good that they are talking about boycott and things like that.

It makes me sad.

Behind the decision are people and athletes.

I know most of them do not support the war.

It is easy to stand on the sidelines and point the finger, says the coach.

Cramer believes that the Russian athletes are needed for the competition in cross-country skiing.

- We need the Russian athletes for this sport.

It is not good for the sport that you have seven Norwegians in the top ten.

It's better with the Russians back.

I agree that the war must end, but we must also look to the future.