On January 28, Beijing time, the 2023 BWF Indonesia Badminton Open entered the semi-final stage.

In the first men's singles match in the afternoon, Shi Yuqi lost 1-2 to Jonathan, the No. 1 player of the host, after three hard-fought rounds, and missed the final.

So far, all the national badminton men's singles players have been eliminated, and the hope of hitting the first championship of the season has once again failed, which has made the fans feel infinitely disappointed.

  In January of the first year, the World Badminton Federation will have three open tournaments in Malaysia, India and Indonesia. The levels range from high to low, from Super 1000 to 750, and then to the Super 500 Indonesia Open.

In addition to the men's and women's singles, the Chinese badminton team won the championship in the other three doubles events in the first two games.

In this Indonesian Open, the men's singles of national badminton is still the main force, but the Olympic champion Anselsen, Thailand's number one player, and the champion of the last Indian tournament, Kunlavut, are absent. Shi Yuqi's state is also on the rise Guoyu naturally hopes to win the first men's singles championship of the season in Jakarta, to boost morale and confidence.

  Shi Yuqi's first three games really made the fans feel happy, and they placed great hopes on him and Guo Yu to win the first men's singles championship of the season.

In this competition, he first swept the former world No. 1 Kento Momota, then defeated the famous Indonesian player Ginting, and then eliminated Lu Guangzu in the Derby, and his momentum was in full swing.

Shi Yuqi and his semi-final opponent Jonathan had 9 direct talks in the World Series before. Shi Yuqi was at a slight disadvantage with 4 wins and 5 losses. However, in the latest confrontation, Shi Yuqi swept the victory cleanly, which made the fans feel that he is Can defeat Jonathan to enter the final.

  However, the result of the game once again extinguished the flames in the hearts of the fans who hoped that the men's singles of Guoyu would start.

In Jakarta, known as the "home of the devil" in the badminton world, Jonathan attacked frantically with the support of his fans. Shi Yuqi was completely suppressed, and soon lost the first game 13-21.

Shi Yuqi, who woke up like a dream, changed his strategy in the second game and actively competed with his opponent for rhythm. Jonathan did not let Jonathan hit a scoring climax and won the game 21-15.

In the crucial decisive game, Shi Yuqi once again fell into a disadvantage due to physical problems, and lost 19-21, and was eliminated by a big score of 1-2.

So far, the national badminton men's singles team has been wiped out, missed the final, and still unable to win the championship.

Some fans said that the men's singles event of the Chinese badminton team has completely lost its dominance, and has been left behind by players from Denmark, Indonesia, Malaysia, and even Thailand, India and other countries. The men's singles will always be the disappointment in this team!"

  In addition, in the women's doubles semi-final that ended first, the newly partnered "Sage" combination Liu Shengshu/Zhang Shuxian defeated Thailand's Chong Gongpan/Ravinda 2-0 and advanced to the final.

The pair of players from Thailand are the No. 4 seeds in this tournament. They are currently ranked No. 8 in the world, and once reached No. 5 at their highest.

But in front of the two Chinese girls, they had no ability to resist. The "Sage" combination won with a score of 21 to 12 and 21 to 9. The situation was completely one-sided.

Since the No. 1 team "Fan Chen" did not participate, Liu Shengshu and Zhang Shuxian now shoulder the important task of winning the women's doubles championship for Guoyu, and they are fully capable of achieving this goal.

In addition to the 8-to-4 derby, it took some effort for the two to win the derby. Even against the famous Japanese player and the last Indian champion Matsuyama Nami/Shida Chiyo, the "Sage" combination was able to win by a big score , Guoyu women's doubles star, "Fan Chen" successor is about to emerge.

  Text/Reporter Liu Ailin