It is said that Russia, which sent athletes to the Olympics as individuals due to doping problems, is preparing for the Paris Olympics in a rather absurd way.

They are aiming for an Olympic ticket by having Russian athletes compete in the Asian Games.

This is reporter Kwon Jong-oh.

<Reporter> The

Olympic Council of Asia, OCA, which supervises the Asian Games, made a surprise announcement that "Russian and Belarusian athletes have been given the opportunity to participate in Asian competitions, including the Asian Games."

Russia, which invaded Ukraine, and Belarus, which sympathized with it, will be allowed to participate in the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September.

Of course, only OCA member countries can participate in the Asian Games, but it makes no sense that Russia, which is not qualified, comes out.

It is as if our national soccer team is suddenly going to participate in the European Championship.

[Korean Olympic Committee official (voice modified): We are also curious that the announcement was made unilaterally without asking the members' opinions.]

Considering the friendly relationship between China and Russia, China, the host country of the Asian Games, also allowed Russian players to participate. It's likely something to do.

If Russia's participation is confirmed, strong opposition from Asian countries including Korea and Japan is expected.

The reason OCA made such an absurd decision is because of the IOC's policy that Russian athletes not related to the war should be rescued.

[Thomas Bach/IOC Chairman: The IOC must also take measures to protect players.

The issue of allowing (Russian players) to participate should not be decided according to the political will of the government hosting the

Games .

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Russian athletes who did not qualify for the European qualifiers will be able to score the necessary records and earn ranking points in Asian competitions to qualify for the Olympics.

When Russian athletes are allowed to participate in the Olympics again, Ukraine, where 180 athletes were sacrificed in the war, is fiercely protesting.

The Minister of Sport of Ukraine has said that a boycott is possible if even one Russian athlete participates in the Paris Olympics.

(Video coverage: Park Seung-won, video editing: Nam Il)