It was a nightmare start for Lisa Eriksson, who was the fastest Swede in the qualifier.

In her quarter-final, she started strongly but fell after about halfway and finished last.

But Eriksson got up and fought his way back and finished in second place and on to the semi.

Elin Näslund and Erica Lavén also finished second in their heats.

As the last Swede, Tove Ericsson also progressed to the semi-finals in quick time.

From the semifinals, Elin Näslund advanced as second in her heat and Lisa Eriksson in time.

"Totally amazing"

Once in the final, it was mainly Finnish Eevi-Inkeri Tossavainen who stepped up to the lead and pushed up the pace.

The Swedes had a hard time keeping up, but Lisa Eriksson was in the group behind Tossavainen and in the race she was strong and took the bronze behind the Norwegian Milla Grosberghaugen Andreassen.

- Really, really good.

In the final, she shows her very best.

Totally amazing.

She does it again, when it matters most then she is good, says SVT's expert Anders Blomquist.

Third medal

Lisa Eriksson took silver at JVM 2021 in 15km classic style, silver in 2022 in 15km mass start freestyle and now her third JVM medal.

- This is a girl who is very good at distance, so there are two more good chances for her in the championship.

Her width is really good, says Blomquist.

JVM, which is broadcast on SVT, continues until February 4.