Former yokozuna Hakuho's master Miyagino, who has set numerous records, including 45 victories, the most in sumo history, said goodbye to the haircut ceremony on the 28th.

Former yokozuna Hakuho's master Miyagino won 45 times, the most in history, and set a number of records, including a total of 1,187 wins, and retired after the autumn tournament of the year before.

Since then, I have been teaching the younger generation as a master of the room, but in July last year, I inherited the Miyagino stable and made a new start as a master of the room.

And on the 28th, about 1 year and 4 months after his retirement, he attended a haircut ceremony at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku, Tokyo.

Prior to the ceremony, Miyagino master wrestled with his eldest son, Mr. Mahano, who is in the second year of junior high school, as the last number one. I went into the ring with a dragon at my side.

Loud cheers and applause erupted when he powerfully performed his “Shiranui-style” entry into the ring just like when he was active.

After this, nearly 300 people, including former yokozuna Kisenosato Nishonoseki master, former yokozuna Harumafuji, and his mother Tamir, whose 75th birthday was on the 28th, put in scissors, There were occasional tears.

Finally, Magaki Oyakata, the former master of Yokozuna Hakuho and former makuuchi master Takebayama, took a pair of scissors and cut off the big bag, putting an end to his roughly 20-year life as a sumo wrestler.

Mr. Miyagino, who responded to the interview after having his hair styled, said, "I feel refreshed, and I feel lonely because I lost a part of my body."

He also said, "From now on, we will be competing in a different arena. I want to return the favor by raising yokozuna and ozeki as soon as possible so that the name of Miyagino will not be ashamed, and lead to the development of sumo."

Former Master Master Magaki “I almost cried”

Former makuuchi master Takebayama, who raised former yokozuna Hakuho, said, "I almost cried. I was really happy that such a small person became a yokozuna."

After that, he said, ``I don't think there is a yokozuna who has come this far, so I want young wrestlers to teach me everything they have done so far. I want you,” he encouraged.

Former yokozuna Kisenosato Nishonoseki master "The wall was high with a big mountain"

Former yokozuna Kisenosato Nishonoseki master put a pair of scissors into former yokozuna Hakuho's Miyagino master, and said, "I feel a little sad that one era of Hakuho yokozuna is over. I faced many important situations, but even though I lost to Yokozuna, it led to my growth.Being Yokozuna was a big mountain and the wall was high, but it was because of that that my life as a sumo wrestler was possible. I said.

After that, he said, "I want to do my best together to liven up the sumo tournament."