• Football The French Federation temporarily suspends its president, Noël Le Graët, after his mockery of Zidane

  • Handball Sentenced the president of the handball federation for corruption of minors

Scandals accumulate in French sport.

The president of the French rugby federation,

Bernard Laporte

, has resigned from his position this Friday, at the request of the organization.

The manager was implicated in several scandals.

In a few weeks the three presidents of the three most important sports federations (soccer, handball and rugby) have resigned.

Noël Le Graët,

in charge of the football team, was removed from office a few weeks ago due to a case of sexual harassment.

The one from handball,

Bruno Martini,

did the same two days ago, after being convicted of child abuse.

This string of scandals comes as France prepares to host the Rugby World Cup next fall, in addition to the Paris Olympics in 2024.

Laporte was arrested last Monday accused of tax fraud

, although he was released.

He had already been sentenced last December for a corruption case.

The clubs that make up the federation had rejected on Thursday in a vote the candidate proposed by Laporte to replace him: Patrick Buisson.

For now, and while it is decided who will replace him,

the treasurer will take the reins: Alexandre Martinez


Laporte had been sentenced in December for having signed a corruption pact with the president of Montpellier.

The disqualification, part of the sentence, did not have immediate effect.

The manager had refused to leave his position, but he had agreed to designate a delegate, which the clubs have now rejected.

more scandals


Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra

welcomed the decision, although she recognized Laporte's role in this sport, which is widely followed in France.

He was a former coach and also Secretary of State for Sports between 2007 and 2009, with President Nicolas Sarkozy.

"Obviously I have a thought for him,

I think he made the right decision. He is someone who has contributed to French rugby

, he also has positive elements in his record," said the minister.

Two days ago the president of the French handball league (LNH), Bruno Martini, also resigned after being convicted of corruption of minors.

The double world champion was sentenced on Wednesday to one year in prison

and also will not be able to engage in any activity that involves contact with minors for five years.

A few weeks ago, his counterpart in the football federation,

Noël Le Graet, also resigned, he is being investigated for moral and sexual harassment.

The Frenchman was called for consultation by the Minister of Sport after having made some controversial statements about Zinedine Zidane, in which he said that he would not have picked up the phone if the former Real Madrid coach had called him to run as coach .

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