He comes from Farsta in southern Stockholm and is the only one of the players with his roots in Stockholm.

While Andreas Palicka and several others see Scandinavium as their Swedish home ground, Pellas now finally gets the chance to play with the national team in his hometown.

- I have previously only played here with Lugi against Hammarby a few times.

Now there will be a lot of family in the stands so it will be a little extra special, says the Swedish winger, who hopes for a lot of people in the purpose-built arena.

- It's a cool arena, it will be cool.

It is one of the biggest arenas I will play in, it will be fantastic and hopefully the people of Stockholm will come and cheer us on.

It will be handball at an absolute top level and that is not often the case here, says Pellas.

One of the penalty takers

Pellas is one of three or four Swedish penalty takers, but most recently against Portugal, both he, Hampus Wanne and Nicklas Ekberg each missed a penalty.

- I am confident in taking the next penalty.

Have checked and seen why I missed and found the answers in it.

You shouldn't think too much when you miss, he says.

Before each match, he and the other penalty shooters share experiences about the opponents' goalkeepers and based on their movement patterns that are mapped, Pellas decides which of his own variations he will use.

And he wouldn't hesitate if given the chance to take a decisive penalty at the last second, as when Nicklas Ekberg decided the European Championship final against Spain a year ago.

- It's something I think about sometimes, getting to do an "Ekberg penalty" at some point.

At home it would be fantastic.

So if I am given the trust, I will take it, it is my responsibility.

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