After the 2023 Gulf Cup International Football Invitational Tournament ended in Basra, Iraq on January 19 local time, four Chinese referees, Ma Ning, Fu Ming, Zhang Cheng and Zhou Fei, who completed the law enforcement work of the event, coordinated and arranged with FIFA. Next, leave Basra for Qatar.

Subsequently, they will set off for Morocco during the daytime on January 25, local time, to prepare for the 2022 FIFA Club World Cup held there.

  At the end of last year, after law enforcement as the chief referee in the second-to-last round of the 2022 Chinese Super League, Wuhan Three Towns VS Zhejiang Team, the focus match that determines the championship of the season, Ma Ning departed from China for Basra, Iraq on January 1 this year. Law enforcement for the new Gulf Cup football match held there.

  Along with Ma Ning, video assistant referee Fu Ming, assistant referees Zhang Cheng and Zhou Fei also went to Iraq to enforce the law.

Among them, Ma Ning was among the Qatar World Cup law enforcement referee lineup.

  It is understood that several Chinese referees respectively enforced a number of Gulf Cup matches. During the period, they also joined hands to enforce the focus of the 16th semi-final host Iraq VS Qatar.

  On January 15, FIFA confirmed through official channels that the above-mentioned 4-member Chinese international referee team has been selected to enforce the 2022 Club World Cup to be held in Morocco from February 1 to 11. .

  It is understood that several Chinese referees originally planned to return to China to rest for a few days before going to Morocco.

However, due to flight factors, several people were temporarily unable to return home.

In this case, after the coordination of FIFA, several people changed their itinerary, first went to Doha, Qatar, the transit place, to stay for a few days, and then went to Morocco on January 25, local time.

  It is understood that several Chinese referees spent New Year's Eve together in Doha and made dumplings at the local resident.

  Ma Ning's success in the Qatar World Cup and Morocco World Cup referee lineups also proves that the professional capabilities of Chinese referees have been recognized by FIFA.

  Text/Reporter Xiao Nan