Original title: Exercise and health for the New Year with you - colorful national fitness activities all over the country "dress up" for the Spring Festival holiday

  At 10 a.m. on the first day of the Lunar New Year, Xinglong Lake in Tianfu New District, Chengdu was very lively. Thousands of people, together with the world champions of synchronized swimming Jiang Tingting and Jiang Wenwen, the world champion of kayaking Zhao Xiaoli, the world champion of Wushu and Sanda Wu Qiang and other Sichuan champion athletes, took the 8.8 km Run around the lake to welcome the New Year.

  "Health is the best New Year's gift that everyone gives to themselves. As athletes, we are willing to start from me and lead everyone to move, feel the changes in our bodies, and feel the changes of the times." Jiang Tingting and Jiang Wenwen said.

  Exercise for the new year, health is with you.

With the arrival of the first ray of dawn in the new year, the whole country is filled with a festive and peaceful atmosphere, and sports have become a new hot spot and new fashion for this year's Spring Festival.

Under the promotion of the State Sports General Administration, thousands of national fitness activities that are close to the masses, easy to participate, colorful, practical and effective have been organized across the country to make this year's Spring Festival full of sports and healthy.

  Chinese New Year sports are suitable for both

  The new year is coming, the new year is new.

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, the national trampoline team, which is training in Hangzhou to prepare for the Paris Olympics, gathered in Hejia Village, Longwu, Hangzhou, to celebrate the New Year with the villagers, climb high to pray for blessings, and promote small trampoline sports.

"Opinions on Building a Higher-Level Public Service System for National Fitness" clearly stated that the achievements of competitive sports should be shared by the whole people.

The interaction between Guozihao teams and the grassroots will become the norm.

  In order to effectively improve the sense of gain and satisfaction of the masses participating in sports, and focus on solving the problem of "where to go for fitness", during the Spring Festival this year, public sports venues across the country will be opened for free or at low fees.

Taking the Asian Games as an opportunity, the Hangzhou Sports Bureau has fully launched the "I Love Hangzhou and Dedicated to the Asian Games" campaign. Many Asian Games venues are "not closed" during the Spring Festival, ensuring that free or low-cost opening hours are not less than 12 hours a day.

From New Year's Eve to the sixth day of the Lunar New Year in Qingdao, Tiantai Stadium, Hongcheng Gymnasium, and Qingdao National Fitness Center all open some venues for free by appointment.

During the Spring Festival holiday, Lhasa opened some venues of the Lhasa Mass Culture and Sports Center free of charge, and welcomes the general public to exercise for the New Year.

  On the twenty-eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, the 2023 Tianjin Fitness Grand New Year's greetings themed series of activities was launched. Thousands of fitness enthusiasts participated in the event, and the cumulative number of participants in various venues in Tianjin exceeded 10,000.

At the launching ceremony, the majestic and agile dragons and lions leaped and leaped after the eyes of the guests were dotted.

In the outdoor field, drums, stilts, dragon and lions, football, and Frisbee are all in battle.

The city of indoor volleyball, ice and snow sports, and basketball-themed activity halls provide a variety of fitness guidance, special skill demonstrations, and exhibition games. Fun sports, traditional sports, and emerging fashion sports are diversified.

  Every year during the Spring Festival, Zhejiang Jiangshan will hold a huge rural sports meeting.

The sports meeting has local characteristics, integrating sports, Spring Festival, villages and towns, and folk customs. The events are mainly interesting, including tug-of-war, rock climbing, lifting wooden carts, turning tires, sawing wood, picking water chestnuts, chasing piglets, and catching fish. , Wife carrying, family relay, etc., are important carriers for the village collective to gather people's hearts and communicate with villagers returning home for the New Year, showing the happy and healthy lifestyle of Chinese people.

  During the Spring Festival, mass football activities are also in full swing. Under the guidance of the Mass Sports Department of the State Sports General Administration and the Chinese Football Association, the county-level rural football matches in the central and western regions hosted by the China Football Development Foundation will be held during the Spring Festival in 5 provinces and autonomous regions across the country. 26 Compete within the county.

The competition system of this competition is not limited to five-person system, seven-person system, eight-person system or eleven-person system, and there are no restrictions on the identity and age of the participating groups. Extensively carry out football sports, create a good football cultural atmosphere, consolidate the mass foundation for the development of football in the central and western regions, and make football an important force to boost the revitalization of rural culture.

  Online events have also received active participation and response from the masses: the National Fitness Online Series organized by the National Olympic Sports Center ended during the Spring Festival. Competition", "The First Diabolo Online Competition", and "The First Home Fitness Online Competition" 3 major competitions and 34 sub-competitions, attracted nearly ten thousand people of all ages across the country to participate, and set off a new wave of "cloud" exercise for the whole people.

Quanzhou City held its first online sports meeting from January 20 to February 28, with rope skipping, plank support, push-ups, roller skating, vibrato sports games, parent-child sports, Tai Chi, Baduanjin, street dance, national standard dance, Gymnastics (the ninth set of radio gymnastics), the event will be displayed on Douyin in the form of a short video.

People staying in Spring Festival can also invite relatives and friends in their hometown to participate in the competition through the platform, which can not only achieve online reunion, but also healthy exercise.

  "Hot" ice "warm" snow refreshing

  This year's Spring Festival is the first after the Beijing Winter Olympics. After successfully achieving the goal of "driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports", various regions continue to promote the popularization and development of ice and snow sports, and continue to consolidate and expand the goal of "driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports". The results fully demonstrate the new vitality of ice and snow sports in the process of Chinese-style modernization.

On February 4th, the first anniversary of the successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Beijing will carry out activities to commemorate the first anniversary of the Beijing Winter Olympics in the Olympic Forest Park in conjunction with the Ninth National Public Ice and Snow Season, inviting the general public to participate in a series of ice and snow experiences, interesting activities Activities, reviewing the moving moments of the Beijing Winter Olympics a year ago, and looking forward to the broad prospects of Beijing's ice and snow sports in the "post-Winter Olympics era".

  During the Spring Festival in Heilongjiang, a variety of mass ice and snow events were organized in Harbin, Qiqihar, Mudanjiang, Daqing, Yichun, Heihe, Daxing'anling and other places.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, a deep integration of ice and snow sports and tourism was held in Panjin—more than 1,000 ice and snow enthusiasts hiked, crossed, and took pictures on the frozen Red Rock Beach.

In the face of the spectacular icicles at the Liaohe Estuary, fans and athletes who participated in the 2.8-kilometer crossing experience said that such a feeling of participating in the competition is unique and unique.

It is reported that relying on the original ecological ice landform of my country's northernmost coastline and the advantages of the Red Beach National 5A scenic spot, Panjin will present exploration, challenge, novelty and other content one by one, driving the development of various ice and snow projects, accelerating the development of ice and snow sports, and vigorously promoting the "Ice and Snow + Leisure", "ice and snow + culture", "ice and snow + tourism" and other cross-border integration.

  Also focusing on "ice and snow + tourism" is Xinjiang.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the "Ninth National Mass Ice and Snow Season·Xue Yao Xinjiang" - the 2022 Ice and Snow Community Games and the 4th Tianshan Mountain Ice and Snow Cultural Tourism Festival kicked off.

Under the leadership of professional social sports instructors, 300 ice and snow sports enthusiasts from all over the country carried out a 2.5-kilometer snow walking activity, which not only expanded the new way of ice and snow sports, but also showed Tianshan’s unique ice and snow sports endowment to more people. , I believe that in the near future, "going to Xinjiang to play in the snow during the Chinese New Year" will also become the choice and yearning of many people.

  Affected by climatic conditions, the Central Plains is not a place where traditional ice and snow sports thrive.

But in recent years, riding on the east wind of the Beijing Winter Olympics, there has been a "ice and snow fever" in the Central Plains.

A number of ice and snow parks and ski resorts have been built in many places in Henan, attracting a large number of ice and snow sports enthusiasts in the local area and surrounding provinces to enjoy ice and snow.

From the first day of the first lunar month to the thirteenth day of the first lunar month, Henan organized and held the Henan Provincial Community Games to welcome the new year's ice and snow theme activities.

"Welcome Spring with Ice and Snow" has become a "hot dish" for people in the Central Plains to celebrate the New Year.

  During the Spring Festival in Guangxi in the south, various ice and snow fields will also organize a series of ice and snow activities that are convenient and beneficial to the people.

Statistics show that as of the end of 2021, Guangxi has a total of 6 ice and snow sports venues, with a venue area of ​​128,300 square meters.

From nothing to excellence, ice and snow sports are blooming everywhere in the north and south of the river. The ice and snow sports that used to "not enter Shanhaiguan" are now taking the sonorous pace of "expanding south, expanding west, and advancing eastward", becoming an important driving force on the road to building a sports power. force.

  sport needs science

  Life lies in exercise, and exercise requires science.

With the further optimization of epidemic prevention and control measures, more people realize the importance of exercise, especially scientific exercise.

During the Spring Festival holiday, many scientific fitness guidance activities were also organized and carried out across the country, so that the general public can "know how to keep fit" and "keep fit".

  Before the Spring Festival, the Group Department of the State General Administration of Sports issued the "Notice on Extensively Carrying out Voluntary Service Activities for National Fitness" before and after the Spring Festival in 2023, requiring all parts of the country to extensively carry out activities that are close to reality, life and the masses. The national fitness volunteer service activity provides personalized services for key groups of people, so that the people feel a real sense of gain, happiness and security.

During the event, Beijing integrated various resources, combined with the Beijing Social Sports Instructor Volunteer Service Month, and launched a series of scientific fitness video push activities of "Fitness for the New Year".

Zhangjiakou and Zhuozhou in Hebei respectively carried out the "Sports New Year's Ice and Snow Entering Thousands of Households" Spring Festival ice and snow sports volunteer service activity and the 2023 Zhuozhou Ice and Snow Winter Camp before and after the Spring Festival.

Guangxi's "Prosperous Chinese New Year" theme voluntary service activity starts on the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month and will continue until the Lantern Festival. The activity organizes a national fitness volunteer service team with social sports instructors as the main body. The city goes deep into streets, communities, villages and towns, and combines regional characteristics and folk culture to organize and carry out scientific fitness guidance that is close to the masses and close to reality.

Shenzhen, Guangdong will also carry out 43 national fitness volunteer service activities combining online and offline.

The Hubei Provincial Scientific Fitness Guidance Video Contest, the 2023 "Welcome the New Year" Xiangyang National Fitness Series Benefiting the People, and the 2023 Ezhou Social Sports Instructor Grassroots Volunteer Service Activities have been held recently.

  During the popular science lecture on competitive sports physical fitness basic training in Chongqing, sports enthusiasts were invited to receive online training for free. The training content included sports nutrition theory, adolescent growth and development, and sports ability intervention. Professional teachers are highly targeted The teaching content has been welcomed by the majority of youth sports enthusiasts and youth sports practitioners.

  The mass media are also actively participating in scientific fitness guidance. China Sports News launched the column "National Fitness, Scientific Exercise and Physical Exercise", focusing on how to strengthen the body through scientific exercise and enhance the ability to prevent and resist diseases. After "Yangkang" Exercise precautions, etc.

New Sports.com took advantage of new media and produced a large number of integrated media products to escort the scientific exercise of the masses during the Spring Festival.

  (Source: China Sports Daily)