Tyson Fury and crazy ideas, a great love story.

The undefeated world heavyweight champion proved receptive to calls from the foot of Francis Ngannou.

Released from his contract with the UFC, the latter intends to fight against the best, and therefore, possibly against the Gipsy King.

Fury obviously does not say no, with a few nuggets.

"Francis Ngannou, I know you are no longer under contract with the UFC," he told Seconds Out.

Want to make a lot of money?

Come see the Gypsy King.

Let's have a huge fight for the baddest MF (baddest motherfucker) on this planet.

And let's spice it all up: in a cage, with MMA gloves, under Queensberry (English boxing rules) and with a badass referee like Mike Tyson!


English boxing, Ngannou's dream

The proposal resembles the conditions desired by Ngannou for this fight (four ounce gloves, smaller than English).

The Franco-Cameroonian has also always dreamed of breaking into boxing, a path that Fernand Lopez had advised him against, when he was training him.

The father of the MMA Factory explained his point, for 20 Minutes: “He had this idea of ​​wanting to box and be like Mike Tyson.

Except that boxing requires far too much precision for Francis.

He needs to be in a combat sport where there is still a bit of savagery.

That's good, Fury offers it to him on a platter.


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