The vice president of the German Football Association described his country's national team players as "little monkeys", commenting on their appearance in their opening match in the Qatar 2022 World Cup against Japan, putting their hands on their mouths, according to the German newspaper "Bild".

And the behavior of the German players before the start of their match in the first round of the group stage of the World Cup, when they gagged their mouths with their hands in protest against the decision of the International Federation of Football Associations “FIFA” to prevent European teams from wearing the badge of support for “homosexuality”, was met with great criticism, especially in the Arab and Islamic worlds. It resonated in the corridors of the German Federation and the players, who had different opinions about it.

"When German players cover their mouths like little monkeys and bring hairdressers to the hotel, you shouldn't be surprised how they lost to Japan," said Ralf Uwe Schäfert, who heads the Lower Saxony Football Association.

"Quand vous avez des joueurs de l'équipe nationale allemande qui se couvrent la bouche as me des petits singes et qui font venir un coiffeur à leur hotel, il ne faut des lors pas s'étonner de les voir le perdre le contre japon."

(Ralph-Uwe Schaffert, Vice-President of the DFB).

- Ali Farhat (@derpariser) January 16, 2023

Shafert's statement sparked criticism in Germany, which forced him to apologize, stressing that he did not want to offend his country's national team.

He told the German newspaper "BILD" that he "regrets the choice of words, I did not want to offend the national team."

"The term 'baby monkey' is unfortunate. I won't say that anymore. That was definitely wrong, but I said it, and I can't take it back now."

"I am not only the vice-president of the German Confederation, but I am also the president of the Football Association of Lower Saxony," Schaefert added. ".

He explained that he used the term "little monkeys", referring to the statues of the three monkeys that cover their mouths, ears and eyes.

Meanwhile, Ronnie Zimmermann, senior vice-president of the amateur department in the German Football Association, sees the need for a critical review of what happened with the national team during the World Cup.

"I think it is important that we critically review the (experience) of the World Cup in Qatar, and its repercussions for the German Football Association," Zimmermann said.

The behavior of the German national team players before the start of their match against Japan - yesterday, Wednesday - by muzzling their mouths in protest against FIFA's ban on putting a slogan supporting homosexuality, sparked several reactions, the latest of which was the position of Belgium captain Eden Hazard.

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And he added, "There was an opportunity for that. In all disputes we must deal with each other fairly. If we accuse our players of covering their mouths like little monkeys, this is not the right way."

The "Manshafts" were unable to remedy the consequences of the defeat against Japan in the World Cup in Qatar, as they tied with their Spanish counterpart in the second match (1-1), while they beat Costa Rica in the third round (4-2), but they left the competition after scoring 4 points. Goal difference from Spain.

This is the second time in a row that Germany has been eliminated from the group stage of the World Cup after the 2018 World Cup in Russia.