Data map: On January 3, 2023 local time, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia successfully held a debut ceremony for Ronaldo.

After the debut ceremony, Ronaldo joined the team to start the first training.

According to reports, all the ticket revenue from the debut ceremony will be allocated to charity work.

The picture shows Ronaldo taking a selfie at the unveiling ceremony.

  China News Service, Beijing, January 20th (Reporter Xing Rui) The annual Spring Festival is coming.

You who have been busy for a year, don't know if you have set foot on the train to go home now?

During the seven-day holiday, in addition to visiting relatives and friends, spending time with family members, and sneaking in to watch a game during the busy schedule, it may become an excellent choice for leisure and entertainment for sports fans.

This Spring Festival, the Australian Open is in full swing, Cristiano Ronaldo makes his debut in the Saudi League, and Zhu Ting continues to play in Serie A... The following wonderful games are not to be missed (the following are all Beijing time).

Chinese men's tennis has made a new breakthrough in the Australian Open

  The 2023 Australian Open has officially started on January 16, and the long schedule will also span the entire Spring Festival holiday.

For the Chinese Legion, 9 players entered the main match.

Zhang Zhizhen, Wu Yibing and young player Shang Juncheng formed the men's singles "Three Musketeers".

Veteran Zhang Shuai led Zheng Qinwen, Wang Xiyu, Yuan Yue, Wang Xinyu and Zhu Lin to participate in the women's competition.

  It is worth mentioning that in the first round of the men's singles, the 17-year-old Chinese teenager Shang Chengcheng defeated the world's 74th-ranked Ott 3:1 and entered the second round.

Shang Juncheng's victory also became the first victory in the history of a male tennis player from mainland China in the Australian Open.

Regrettably, Shang Juncheng lost to No. 16 seed Tiafou in the second round and was eliminated, so he missed the opportunity to continue to make history.

  part game time

  January 26: Women's singles semi-finals

  January 27: Men's singles semi-finals

  January 28: Women's singles final

Data map: On January 3, 2023 local time, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia successfully held a debut ceremony for Ronaldo.

After the debut ceremony, Ronaldo joined the team to start the first training.

According to reports, all the ticket revenue from the debut ceremony will be allocated to charity work.

The picture shows Ronaldo waving to the fans.

Going away to West Asia, Ronaldo welcomes Saudi Arabia's league debut

  After the World Cup in Qatar, the Portuguese star Ronaldo's every move has attracted much attention.

On the last day of 2022, Ronaldo announced a successful signing with the Saudi team Riyadh.

After going through a series of procedures such as physical examination and appearance, Ronaldo will finally usher in the Saudi League debut in the early morning of the 23rd Beijing time, which is the second day of the Lunar New Year.

  Before this game, Ronaldo was also the captain of the Riyadh All-Star team, wearing the No. 7 jersey, and played in the friendly match against Paris in the early morning of the 20th Beijing time.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice in the game, and the Riyadh All-Stars finally lost 4:5.

  Riyadh Victory is a traditional powerhouse in the Saudi league.

After Ronaldo joined, he expressed his hope to help the team "achieve more results".

What kind of performance will his league debut look like?

It is worth looking forward to by fans.

  Competing time:

  January 23rd 01:30 Riyadh Victory VS Ittifaq

Data map: On November 2, local time, Florence, Italy, the fourth round of the 22/23 women's volleyball team's Serie A regular season, Zhu Ting, who joined Serie A's Scandicci Club, made her debut as a substitute and returned after 14 months due to a wrist injury arena.

Image source: ICphoto

Zhu Ting and Yao Di join forces in Italy's Scandicci for a one-week double match

  During the week of the Spring Festival, the Italian women's volleyball team Scandicci Club will usher in two games.

In the league, they will play against Novara, who is currently ranked fourth.

In addition, but also to participate in the Coppa Italia quarter-finals.

  In 2022, Chinese women's volleyball player Zhu Ting will join Scandic.

With her impressive performance, Zhu Ting has gained a firm foothold in the team and was awarded the Most Valuable Player of December 2022.

  Not long ago, Yao Di, the setter who once played for the Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team with Zhu Ting, also successfully transferred to Scandic.

In the Europa League 1/8 finals, Yao Di made his debut.

Under her deployment, Scandicic's main offensive points were activated, and finally helped the team win 3:1.

  The former teammates meet again now, can their joint efforts bring more championships to Scandicci?

We will wait and see.

  Competing time

  January 22 Serie A 03:30 Scandici VS Novara

  January 26 Coppa Italia Quarter-Final 03:30 Scandici VS Bergamo

Data map: On September 17, in the 14th National Games badminton women's doubles final held in Xi'an, United team players Jia Yifan and Chen Qingchen defeated Hubei team players Li Yinhui and Du Yue with a total score of 2-0. Get the championship.

The picture shows Jia Yifan/Chen Qingchen (left) celebrating.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Mao Jianjun

Guoyu is expected to reach the top on the first day of the Lunar New Year in continuous battles during the Spring Festival

  From January 17 to January 22, the Badminton World Federation India Badminton Open 2023 will be held in New Delhi.

The national badminton players who have just participated in the Malaysian Badminton Open will continue to compete non-stop.

  The national badminton competition in this station continues the lineup of the Malaysian Badminton Open.

In men's singles, Shi Yuqi, Lu Guangzu, Zhao Junpeng, Li Shifeng, and Weng Hongyang still played together.

The women's singles is led by Chen Yufei, He Bingjiao, Wang Zhiyi, Han Yue, Zhang Yiman and others.

In addition, Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan and Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong will compete in the women's doubles and mixed doubles respectively as the top seeds.

  Since the competition at this station coincides with the Chinese New Year, fans are also expected to see the national badminton players on the highest podium on the first day of the Lunar New Year.

  Competing time:

  14:30 on the 21st Badminton India Open semi-final day

  14:30 on the 22nd Badminton India Open final day

Data map; In the early morning of December 9, 2019, the British Championship, one of the three snooker competitions, came to an end in York, England.

In the end, Chinese player Ding Junhui defeated British player Maguire with a total score of 10:6, winning the championship again after 10 years.

Can Ding Junhui go further with frequent upsets in the Snooker Grand Prix?

  The 2023 Snooker World Grand Prix has started at Cheltenham Racecourse.

Among the four Chinese players participating, Ding Junhui, Zhou Yuelong and Xiao Guodong all successfully advanced to the top 16.

The two world champions Mark Selby and Stewart Bingham both stopped in the first round.

  This Grand Prix is ​​undoubtedly a good opportunity for Ding Junhui to improve his world ranking.

If he can achieve good results in the competition and return to the top 16 in the world ranking, then he will have a high probability of going straight to Crucible as a seed player to participate in the 2023 World Snooker Championship.

  part game time

  03:00 on the 21st Snooker World Grand Prix Day5

  03:00 on the 22nd Snooker World Grand Prix Day6

The five major leagues will not close during the Spring Festival and the "Red and Blue War" will be staged on New Year's Eve

  In addition to the above-mentioned exciting events, the five major European leagues will also stage a number of focus games during the Spring Festival.

At 8:30 p.m. Beijing time on January 21st, Liverpool will return to home against Chelsea.

At present, Liverpool, which temporarily ranks ninth in the Premier League, beat Wolves 1-0, and Chelsea, who followed closely behind, also defeated Crystal Palace with the same score. Feast".

  In addition, Arsenal, temporarily at the top of the Premier League, wants to continue to lead the standings, while the brave Manchester United is launching an impact on the ten-game winning streak. This strong dialogue between the Gunners and the Red Devils will be held at 12:30 am on January 23rd Let's wait and see who wins the show.

  part game time

At 20:30 on January 21, the 21st round of the Premier League Liverpool VS Chelsea

  At 22:00 on January 22, the 21st round of the Premier League Manchester City VS Wolves

January 23rd 00:30 Premier League Round 21 Arsenal VS Manchester United

  January 23rd 01:30 La Liga Round 18 Barcelona VS Getafe

  At 03:45 on January 23, the 19th round of Serie A Juventus VS Atalanta