Andy Massi: Reduced serious injuries at the World Cup

FIFA announces from Dubai the success of the “medical mouse” experiment in the 2022 World Cup

Part of the Football Medicine Forum, which was held on the sidelines of the opening of the new headquarters of the FIFA Medical Center in Al Jaddaf, Dubai.

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The day before yesterday, a workshop on the medical report for the 2022 World Cup was held at the FIFA Medical Center in Dubai, in the presence of the Director of the FIFA Medical Center, Dr. Murad Al-Gharairi.

The workshop was held under the title “Football Medicine Forum”, where the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), through the Director of its Medical Department, Dr. Andy Massi, revealed the success of the experience of the “medical mouse” video room during the Qatar World Cup in reducing injuries Dangerous concussions for players during matches, which in some cases result in loss of consciousness, swallowing of the tongue, and internal bleeding.

Massi explained, "The new medical protocol represented the assignment of two doctors in each match by the International Federation. The first analyzes cases of concussion during the match from the video room, and then coordinates with the field doctor to take appropriate decisions."

He pointed out that the protocol followed contributed to avoiding the recurrence of dangerous cases that occurred in previous world championships in Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018, in addition to the role of the workshops held by FIFA before the World Cup in training doctors of the participating teams on successful and correct intervention in serious cases, such as fainting, swallowing of the tongue, choking, concussion and sudden cardiac arrest.

During his lecture, the Chairman of the AFC Medical Committee, Dr. Gurcharan Singh, reviewed the work done by the Confederation to strengthen the system of centers of excellence in the Asian continent, with the aim of standardizing the treatment, prevention and anti-doping protocol in the competitions organized by the AFC.

He explained that the expansion of the yellow continent, and the large number of its civil unions, necessitate the unification of the protocol in order for this to reflect positively on the players’ treatment system.

As one of the oldest members of the FIFA Medical Committee, Singh highlighted the most important historical milestones that the committee went through.

He explained that the International Federation is considered the first international federation to sign a cooperation agreement with the International Anti-Doping Agency in 2004, in addition to being the only federation that imposes a compulsory examination for all players before starting to play football to prevent the risk of “sudden death” in stadiums, and work began with this protocol. Since the 2006 World Cup Germany.

Emirati medical experience

The Director of the Medical Committee of the Emirates Football Association, Dr. Mustafa Al-Hashemi, concluded the workshop with a lecture that focused on the uniqueness of the Emirati medical experience in compulsory medical examination since the 2013 season for players of the first teams, with its coverage of many components of blood examination, examination of the heart and arteries, examination of the locomotor system, and the vaccination system. and prevention of infectious diseases.

He said, "The UAE is unique in compulsory medical examination for the players of the dental stages, as their registration is not accepted unless the medical examination requirement is met."

• The new FIFA medical protocol during the Qatar World Cup;

Contribute to avoiding the recurrence of dangerous situations witnessed in previous world championships.

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