Axel May, edited by Yanis Darras 2:13 p.m., January 18, 2023

After three matches and three victories, the Blues will face Montenegro this Wednesday evening, on the occasion of the main round of the Handball World Cup, which is currently taking place in Poland.

After a faultless first lap, the French nevertheless remain cautious and fear having "dry patches".  

So far, the French Handball team has been faultless, on the occasion of the handball world championship which is currently taking place in Poland, and of which Europe 1 is a partner.

After filling up on points and confidence in the preliminary round, the Blues took up residence on Tuesday evening in Krakow and are therefore preparing to start the main round. 

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First opponent: Montenegro.

A team that France had met a year ago at the European Championship and which they had dominated with a gap of nine goals.

"It's not a team you don't take lightly," said team captain Luka Karabatic.

"We know that when we chain matches like that, there is also a risk at some point of having bad times. So we try to anticipate that and always have a stable level of performance", he adds to the microphone of Europe 1. 

Already qualified in quarters?

After Montenegro tonight, the Blues will play against Iran on Friday and will conclude this second group stage on Sunday against the most highly rated opponent in the group, Spain.

But depending on the results of each other, the Karabatic brothers and their comrades could be qualified for the quarter-finals, even before this announced shock against Spain. 

While waiting to access the quarters, the Blues must therefore pass the Montenegrin obstacle.

A meeting to follow on Europe 1.