It is an investigation that will not change the face of the world, or rather of the last World Cup.

FIFA announced on Friday to open proceedings against Argentina for events that occurred during their victory in the World Cup final in Qatar, against France (3-3 after extra time, 4 shots on goal to 2).

It notably targets “possible violations of articles 11 [offensive behavior and violation of the principles of fair play] and 12 [misconduct of players and officials].


The statement does not go into detail, but Emiliano Martinez, also noticed after that during the match, could be in the eye of the storm.

We remember the anything but elegant gesture of the Albiceleste goalkeeper with the golden glove trophy rewarding the best goalkeeper of the tournament, or his mockery against Kylian Mbappé in the locker room.

Argentina is also the subject of a procedure for a violation of the media and marketing regulations of the World Cup.

FIFA has also initiated proceedings against the Croatian federation for "potential violations of articles 13 [discrimination] and 16 [order and security during matches] of the FIFA disciplinary code" during the match for third place against Morocco, won (2-1) by Croatia.

The songs of the Croats targeted by FIFA?

Again, the press release does not give more information.

During the celebrations of the Croatian team, videos relayed on social networks had however shown the Croatian players singing nationalist songs with fascist overtones.

Barely arrived in Lyon, Dejan Lovren, present on this video, had assured that it was only "a patriotic song which relates to my country, which means that I love my country".

Mexico, Ecuador and Serbia sanctioned

In its press release, FIFA also indicates that it has taken sanctions against the Mexican, Ecuadorian and Serbian federations for violations of article 13 of its code of conduct (discrimination), due to songs sung by supporters of the three countries.

Mexico is fined 100,000 Swiss francs (about 99,600 euros) and a match behind closed doors suspended, Ecuador is fined 20,000 Swiss francs (about 19,900 euros) and a match behind closed doors partial, and Serbia is sanctioned with a fine of 50,000 Swiss francs (about 49,800 euros) and a match behind closed doors.

Seven Serbian players were also penalized individually for misconduct in the pool game against Switzerland, lost 3-2.


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