Uruguayan Edinson Cavani, Valencia striker, confirmed that if the Disciplinary Committee of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) punished him for hitting the video assistant referee (VAR) screen after the end of the Ghana confrontation, which ended with the exclusion of his country from the Qatar World Cup, then the referee for that match should be put in place. German Daniel Seibert "in prison".

In an interview published by the Spanish radio station "Cadena Ser" today, Tuesday, Cavani - who demanded that the referee award the "Celeste" team a penalty kick at the end of the match - said, "If they punish me for hitting the mouse screen to exclude us from the World Cup, then they should put the referee in prison, because the mistakes they made It cannot happen in the presence of the mouse and all these cameras, and all these rulers behind them.

On the fifth of last December, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee opened a file against the Uruguayan striker, along with his teammates Jose Maria Jimenez (hitting a FIFA official after the end of the match), Diego Godin and Fernando Muslera (because of his protest against the referee), after the end of the confrontation. Ghana on the 2nd of last month.


The moment Cavani attacked the VAR technique 😅!!!


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Cavani added, "I am worried, because this would mean that I will be out of competition with my colleagues in the club and in the national team. This worries me, but these things happen, but they have to stand on the side of the player a little bit, not just the referee .. They have to bear in mind what happened." And why.”

Cavani continued, "It's okay to maintain good behavior and so on, but we are human beings, and when we sometimes live the things that happen on the field with passion - knowing that you work hard to get there and compete and win - the player's reaction may be unjustified, but perhaps This reaction should be treated with more tolerance."