After a tough last year both on and off the pitch, Hedvig Lindahl is charging with the Swedish national team during the January tour in the Algarve.

After moving back to Sweden from Spain this summer, the experienced national team goalkeeper was rewritten and calculated.

Despite that, the 39-year-old is open to continuing for a while longer – with the bitter EC exit as a driving force.

"Not that demand on me anymore"

- I have a goal to play one more match in the national team anyway.

It is not fun to end your national team career with 4-0 against England, says Hedvig Lindahl to SVT Sport.

Despite being one of the competitive goalkeepers in the national team, she does not see herself as a starting player.

- I don't have that demand on myself anymore, I've probably accepted that I'm in a support role.

What speaks for me is that I am calm in all situations, that's probably the only thing that speaks for me – I play on borrowed time.

Still without a collective agreement

After the national team gathering, the women's league awaits for Lindahl.

All elite players on the women's side are currently without a collective agreement.

At the same time, there is concern about the new thing - it is feared that the players risk being left without pay in case of injury.

- As far as I know, it has been terminated, it is not a good situation of course.

I hope that those involved in the negotiations can meet in some way soon.

It is important that we can offer safe employment conditions for those who play in the women's league so that we do not lose good players, she says.

CUT: Heavy words after the semi-final defeat against England

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Magdalena Eriksson and Linda Sembrant during the EC semi-final loss against England.

Photo: Bildbyrån