Recently, pro volleyball video interpretation has been controversial.

About this, the Volleyball Federation apologized to the club and fans and put out guidelines to prevent a recurrence.

This is reporter Yoo Byung-min.


On the 27th of last month, KB Insurance director Hu-jeong asked for a video review of whether or not the opponent touched the net,

[the reading result was confirmed as no touch.]

An obvious misjudgment occurred.

When director Hu strongly protested, the steering committee belatedly acknowledged the error, but did not reverse the reading result due to regulations.

[The net touch is correct.]

[Come out!

don't do it!

come out!

I don't do it!]

[But that's the rule.]

However, during the video review on the 7th, I roughly looked at the screen and declared a violation, but when there was a strong protest, I watched it again and overturned the reading result.

[I will correct it.

It has been confirmed that it is not a four-hit.]

[Choi Tae-woong/Hyundai Capital Director: You said there is no reversal of readings!

There is no!]

As criticism intensified over the controversy over video reading without standards, the Volleyball Federation apologized, saying, “I apologize for the confusion,” and also issued guidelines.

"The video review was conducted more carefully, and the rule was set so that if an error was found immediately after the review result was announced, it could be corrected," he said.

In addition, we decided to do our best to prevent recurrence by more thoroughly educating game and referees.

(Video editing: So Ji-hye)