Sebastian Samuelsson started the season well despite no podium places, but things have gone worse since then.

Before the World Cup in Ruhpolding, the Swedish shooter has been ill and has been away from training for a week.

The worry of not getting in shape for the WC in Oberhof is palpable.

- It felt pretty good today and I'm quite fit in my body.

But I'm a long way behind and I don't know why.

If I've been sick, it's clear that you need some time to get started, Samuelsson told SVT.

"Can't find the rhythm"

The 25-year-old hoped that things would go better despite the half-baked preparations.

- I would have liked it to look better, but it depends on who you compare it to.

"Compared to Tarjei Boe, I've done well, compared to the rest of us, I haven't," he says.

- Spontaneously, I feel something with my breathing, that I can't find the rhythm for the first shot.

It's strange, I think I prepared well today.

The legend critical of the form

In SVT's broadcast, the expert Björn Ferry, who among other things has won three medals in the WC, criticizes Samuelsson.

- For Samuelsson, it's the riding that sways, it was good at the beginning (of the season) and you thought that there might be another level and then it didn't happen and then he got sick, says Ferry.

- Samuelsson has a long way to go.