Sweden has started the JVM with two losses as the team lost the opener against the USA with 3–6 and last fell with 2–4 against Canada.

Mira Jungåker has made six international matches and was the youngest player in the Women's Crowns squad in the World Cup last year.

In the U18 national team, she is expected to be one of the leading players when the JVM is decided.

- I enjoyed myself very much when I played with the Women's Crowns, while it is incredibly fun to try to be one of the leading players in the U18.

I like having responsibility on my shoulders, but want to keep it at an appropriate level, says Mira Jungåker to SVT Sport.

Could it be too much pressure on you?

- There is a lot of media and such parts that can put a lot of pressure, but I don't think it affected me very much.

I run my race together with my team and it has worked very well.

I enjoy the pressure that has been, even if there are moments where it has been too much.

But it is also a lesson to take with you and handle in a good way.

"Can go far in the tournament"

The 17-year-old HV71 player believes that the experiences from playing Damkronorna have been important for her.

- Being able to play with the best girls in Sweden and fight for a place in the Women's Crowns has meant a lot.

It was an incredible experience, I got to see what I can do better to reach the top with the best players in the world, says Mira Jungåker.

The defender has accounted for two points, a goal and an assist in the JVM, and the next match for Sweden awaits against Finland.

- We are a good group that can go far in the tournament if we fight for each other.

Our community is important and we bring it to the ice.

We feel that we are doing this together and if you have that mentality, the game will be better, you fight and toil together at all costs.