Axel May 07:23, January 11, 2023

The 28th men's handball world championship begins this Wednesday in Poland.

France, Olympic champion, has the honors of the opening match, at 9 p.m., against the host country, in a room in the shape of a flying saucer.

Nearly 12,000 supporters of Poland are expected there. 

Get a seventh title.

This will be the objective of the Blues on the occasion of the 28th men's handball world championship which begins this Wednesday in Poland.

And for the occasion, France will enter the arena from the start of the competition, facing the host country.

So, the atmosphere in the Arena of Katowice, in the South of Poland, promises to be boiling.

Tuesday evening, while training, the Blues discovered the place: the Spodek.

A huge flying saucer-shaped sports hall, which dates from communist Poland, made of concrete and steel, and covered with shiny scales.

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This is where France will challenge Poland.

Goalkeeper Vincent Gérard is salivating in advance: "Having already played in Poland, people are fervent supporters, but it's always very fair play and never aggressive. So inevitably when we support, we whistle and boo a little. "

The French goalkeeper adds: "We clearly expect a real handball party atmosphere".

France against 12,000 Polish fans 

Nearly 12,000 noisy and wild spectators are expected in this Arena, which is the pride of Katowice and even of the whole country.

Kamil works for the Polish organization of the competition: "We have sold all the tickets. The public will say: long live Poland, go Poland, and not: go the Blues".

About this room in the shape of a saucer, Guillaumes Gilles the coach of the blues explains, him, with humor: "it is ready to fly away and we would like to be part of those who will fly away in this competition".