She played until a goal against the USA, made it 1-0 against Canada and in today's meeting with Finland, Hilda Svensson was a strong contributor to the victory with her two goals.

The 3-1 goal in particular was really neat, when she stomped around a Finnish defender who wasn't keeping up at all before coolly poking the puck between the legs of Finnish goalkeeper Kerttu Kuja-Halkola.

- That is typical Hilda Svensson, she is a player, she is a technician and it is clear that she should have a lot of praise for that, but the fact is that I would like to see her do that more often, says SVT's commentator Chris Härenstam and is supported by expert Maria Rooth:

- Yes, I just thought "oh, there's Hilda Svensson".

I haven't seen her much in this period actually, but this is exactly what she's so good at, she's so cool, says Maria Rooth.

Svensson himself was satisfied with his effort:

- I know that I didn't start very well, but I grew into it more and more and finished well, says Svensson, who was delighted that there were five Swedish goal scorers in the match.

- It's obviously very important, it's great that there are several who score goals and get to raise their confidence so it's great fun.