The Grand Sumo Tournament is on the 5th day, and Ozeki Takakeisho is a one-loss match against Tamawashi of the flat curtain.

Ozeki Takakage was already on the second day without Yokozuna Terunofuji, but after that he closed the ring with a spirited sumo wrestling.

On the 12th, the fifth day, Takakeisho will face Tamawashi in the closing match.

In the past, Takakeisho has won 12 wins and 8 losses, and in the past year, he has played 4 times and won 3 times.

For Takakeisho, Tamawashi, who has the same thrust, hits Tamaiwai low and sharply, and the point of the match is whether he can attack all at once to the edge of the ring.

As a 38-year-old Tamawashi, I would like to find a chance to win with a sharp hit that does not make me feel my age, and a powerful throat ring that pushes Ozeki.

Sekiwake Toyotoryu, who has won 4 consecutive victories since the first day, was set up to play against Daieisho Hiramaku, who has won 4 wins and 2 losses in the past and has 1 loss.

Hoshoryu, who is winning a victory with a powerful sumo wrestling match, will be perfect if he stands up against Daieisho, who has a strong push, and firmly steps in to stop the opponent and bring it to the development of pulling the mawashi.

In addition, Aen, who won the first place with four consecutive wins from the first day, will face Wakatakakage Sekiwake, who is evenly matched with two wins and two losses in past matches.