China News Service, January 11. According to the China Figure Skating Association, on the afternoon of the 11th, the 2022/2023 National Figure Skating Championships kicked off at the Chengde Ice Sports Center in Hebei.

This is the first national figure skating event to be held in 2023, and it is also the first national figure skating event to return to offline after three years. The competition has attracted many masters to participate.

  The event will last for three days. The men's single skating champion will be determined on January 12, while the women's single, pair skating and ice dancing champions will be announced on January 13.

  Shen Xue, chairman of the Chinese Figure Skating Association, said that the National Championship is not only a stage for domestic high-level figure skaters to test and display their training results, but also has become one of the most anticipated events for ice and snow lovers every season.

This national championship is the first national figure skating event to return to offline this season. It will surely ignite the enthusiasm of players and ice fans, and make this ice event more vivid and exciting.

  In men's singles skating, 18-year-old Chen Yudong will challenge for his first championship.

With the growth of age and experience, his training and competition status are constantly improving.

Han Wenbao and Jiang Zhiao won the runner-up and third place respectively in the National Youth Championship not long ago, and their performance is also worth looking forward to.

In addition, contestants such as Meg Ruiqi and Yu Zhile will also strive to give wonderful performances.

They all live and train in southern cities, and have made remarkable progress in recent years.

  In the women's singles skating arena, the defending champion An Xiangyi completed her international debut this season and won fifth place in the ISU Youth Group Grand Prix Poland. " is also quite interesting.

Chen Hongyi, the runner-up of the last National Championships, will appear again. Jin Shuxian, Wang Jianqiao, Cheng Jiaying and other young players with outstanding performance styles are also strong contenders for medals.

  In the pair skating event, Zhang Siyang/Yang Yongchao will participate in the first National Championships after their partnership.

Zhang Siyang used to be an excellent women's singles athlete with outstanding skating skills. Yang Yongchao and his former partner won the runner-up in the last National Championships with solid skills and rich competition experience.

Another pair, Yang Yixi/Deng Shunyang, used competitions as substitute training this season and achieved many good results, including the fifth place in the ISU Youth Grand Prix in Poland, the champion of the National Youth Championship, and the champion of the youth group in the club league finals.

In addition, new faces such as Wang Huidi/Jia Ziqi, Zhang Jiaxuan/Huang Yihang, Sun Youyou/Li Zeen, Wang Yunjie/Liu Helin and other young players of the last National Championships will also appear in this competition.

  In terms of ice dancing, Chen Xizi/Xing Jianing, the champions of the youth group of the last National Championships, will strive to stand on the highest podium.

Li Xuantong/Wang Xinkang, Cao Luchang/Chen Jianxu and other young players who also played in the youth group competition in the last National Championships will complete the promotion competition this season, accumulate experience and show training results.