The past competitions in Slovenian Pokljuka were a success for Elvira Öberg.

There was a victory in the sprint and a third place in the mixed relay.

She impressed the most from the shooting range, where she landed all 40 shots during the competition weekend.

- A weekend like this I had now is something that I really take with me, it's something that I want to remember, says Elvira Öberg.

You described it as a milestone.

What does it mean to be in situations like this so often?

- It means a lot, to feel at home there.

It's nice to have good experiences and memories with you, to know you can handle it.

- I spoke with Jean-Marc (shooting coach), that it is clear that I did well last weekend, but now it is a new competition weekend and a new shooting range.

With good shooting in the back comes self-confidence, but continuing to shoot cleanly will be difficult, states Elvira Öberg.

- I will probably miss sometime more this year.

I probably will, unfortunately, she says.

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Elvira Öberg took her second straight victory.

Photo: TT News Agency

Hanna back

Hanna Öberg got sick before Christmas and has missed the competitions in Pokljuka.

Now she is back.

- The thing is that I haven't been particularly ill.

I have been a bit snotty and so it has been long drawn out.

Of course it was very sad to make the decision to stand over Pokljuka.

- I only ran a hard interval session before I got here and then I ran a slightly harder warm-up today.

It is clear that the form for Thursday will be a bit unclear.

But I think I will go out and drive as usual

The ladies start the competitions in Ruhpolding on Thursday.

Then a tough competition over 15 kilometers awaits.

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Johannes Thingnes Bö pays tribute to Elvira Öberg