He will be able to find his own.

Bills player Damar Hamlin, released from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center on Monday and repatriated to a facility in New York state after suffering cardiac arrest during an NFL game, was discharged from hospital in Buffalo on Wednesday , announced it.

"After completing a series of tests and assessments, the medical team feels confident that Damar Hamlin can be safely released to continue his recovery at home and with the Bills," Jamie Nadler said in a statement. one of the medical officers at Kaleida Health, the Buffalo Medical Center.

The 24-year-old player was admitted to this establishment on Monday and underwent a battery of neurological, cardiac and vascular examinations on Tuesday, the statement said.

“Long way to go”

Hamlin had suffered a cardiac arrest on January 2, following a terrible shock to the chest suffered while tackling an opponent, during the regular season game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

He was quickly taken care of and resuscitated on the ground, before being hospitalized on the spot.

This impressive sequence was seen by millions of viewers attending this match between two candidates for the Super Bowl, in a packed stadium suddenly silenced, reminding us of the extreme danger of the most popular sport in the country.

Left in critical condition for several days, Hamlin made rapid and steady progress.

After waking up on January 4, he was deintubated the following evening and was then able to communicate verbally with his relatives and members of his team.

One of the doctors who operated on Hamlin warned his recovery would be "a long way to go".


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