Victory over Qatar, with Kuwait's loss from Bahrain, qualifies the team to the semi-finals of the "Gulf 25"

6 Conditions for disengaging the “engagement” in the “second group” .. and the fate of the “white” is in the hands of others

  • The team's situation became more complicated in the second group, after the loss from Kuwait.

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  • The Bahraini team leads the second group with 6 points.

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The cards of the second group were scattered in the Gulf Football Cup “Gulf 25”, which is currently being hosted by the Iraqi city of Basra, after a dramatic scenario in which the Bahraini team was victorious over its Qatari counterpart in the last minutes of the match that brought them together at the end of the second round the day before yesterday. This restored the fortunes of all the teams, including the national team, which currently does not have any points, to enter the group into a cycle of very complex calculations, the easiest of which is for the leading Bahraini team, while the national team is required to beat Qatar by a difference of two goals, and wait for Kuwait to lose against Bahrain to qualify for the semi-finals. Final.

Article 7 of the competition regulations specified six conditions for dissolving any clash in points in the event that two or more teams tied in the group to determine the qualifiers for the semi-finals, namely: the goal difference between the tied players in points, the most scored goals, the goal difference in all matches of the tournament, and the most scored in the tournament. All matches, the lowest cards (yellow: 1, red: 3), and finally the draw.

The Bahraini team topped the group with six points (it has 4 goals and it has 2), but despite that it has not decided its qualification, and the Qatari team comes behind it with three goals (it has 3 goals and it has 2), and Kuwait is third with three points (it has a goal and it has 2) and «White » Fourth, without points (it has one goal and it has 3), and the last round, which will be held at seven o’clock tomorrow evening, will witness a confrontation between “Al-Abyad” and Qatar at Al-Mina Stadium, while Bahrain and Kuwait will meet at the same time at the Basra Stadium.

The team's fortunes diminished greatly after losing in the first round at the hands of Bahrain 1-2 and Kuwait 0-1, and it was on the verge of an official exit from the tournament, but the dramatic scenario that ended with Bahrain turning the loss against Qatar 0-1 into a 2-1 victory revived hopes. Al-Abyad”, but he does not have his fate in his hands, as it is represented in winning Qatar by a difference of two goals and waiting for a gift for Bahrain’s victory over Kuwait with any result.

A state of uncertainty dominates the fans about the team's ability to qualify for the golden square even with this opportunity, due to their loss of conviction in the capabilities of the coach of the national team, Aruabarina, the lack of experience of the list he called up, and the expulsion of a group of players with great experience, led by the national team's top scorer, Ali Mabkhout. The “White” suffers from injury to some players, such as striker Fabio Lima.

The coach of the national team said in the press conference after the loss from Kuwait with a clean goal, that the opportunity to qualify is very difficult, and he continued: “It depends on the results of the rest of the teams in the group in the last round.

I think morale will not be at its best, and for this I will try to push players who are technically and morally ready in the Qatar match.

And he stressed that what enhances the team’s chances of achieving the “possible impossible” scenario is that the players will not be under pressure against Qatar, like the rest of the three teams, because their chances are originally very small and dependent on the feet of others, unlike the rest of the teams that have the reins in their hands, and will be under pressure. Big pressure.

"The most important thing for (Al-Annabi) is to win the last match and qualify, but the calculations are complicated," said Qatar's coach, Portuguese Pinheiro, in a press statement.

Bahrain's coach, Portuguese Souza, said in a press statement that "the three Bahrain confrontations are difficult, and each match has its circumstances and calculations, and in general I have great confidence in the capabilities and capabilities of all players."

Qualification conditions after a tie in points in the group stage in "Gulf 25"

■ The goal difference between the teams, or the two teams that are equal in points.

■ Most goals scored.

■ Goal difference in all tournament matches.

■ Most scored in all tournament matches.

■ The lowest cards (yellow: 1 point, red: 3 degrees).

■ lottery.

The chances of qualifying for the second group teams to the round of 4

National team qualification accounts

■ Beating Qatar by two goals and losing Kuwait by any number of goals against Bahrain.

Bahrain qualifying accounts

■ A tie with Kuwait is sufficient for him.

■ Loss from Kuwait by any result, and Al-Abyad and Qatar tied.

■ The loss from Kuwait by a difference of two goals only, with the loss or tie of "Al-Abyad" with Qatar.

Qatar qualifying accounts

■ Victory over Al-Abyad, regardless of the outcome of Bahrain and Kuwait.

■ A tie with Al-Abyad, and Bahrain's victory over Kuwait.

Kuwait qualification accounts

■ Victory over Bahrain and Qatar tied with Al-Abyad.

■ Beating Bahrain by three goals.

■ A tie with Bahrain and Qatar's loss from Al-Abyad.

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