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Overseas clubs are fiercely competing behind the scenes to recruit Cho Kyu-seong, a national striker who played an active part in the Qatar World Cup.

Sports Chosun reported that, in addition to the two clubs in Europe known to the world through local media, Celtic of Scotland and Mainz of Germany, Minnesota United of the United States are actively courting.

Minnesota is said to have offered a transfer fee well over 3 million pounds, which is known to have been offered by Celtic and Mainz, and about 4.5 billion won in our money, which is $ 5 million, about 6.2 billion won in our money.

But it didn't end here.

The club promised to issue a green card to the family of Kyu-Sung Cho, which guarantees permanent residence and employment in the United States, and is known to have promised to actively support their advance into Europe.

Despite Minnesota's unconventional offer, it is said that Jeonbuk and Cho Kyu-sung are considering entering Europe first.

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