A prolonged cold has bothered Mona Brorsson during the season, she has competed in the IBU Cup and made her season debut in the World Cup just this week in Pokljuka.

In Sunday's mixed relay, she put in a strong effort on the third leg when she moved up to Sweden to fourth place.

- It is gratifying and surprising that it went so well.

Today (Sunday) she rode really well, just as well as last year, says Björn Ferry.

The WC in Oberhof begins on February 8.

Ferry hopes that Brorsson takes one of the five places together with Elvira and Hanna Öberg, Linn Persson and Anna Magnusson.

- If nothing unforeseen happens, Mona should be number five.

It's surprising that it has gone so fast for her.

She comes from a long period of illness and has competed in the IBU Cup.

This week she has gotten better and better, says SVT's expert.

"Like doing a million sit-ups"

She herself saw both good and bad things about today's effort.

- I am very pleased, I could not have done much better.

I get my all, but I struggle a lot with the technique and the body mechanically, she tells SVT Sport.

- I don't get the technique at all and feel how I compensate and take everything out in my stomach.

It's like doing a million sit-ups for 7.5 kilometers.

I have cramps in the whole side of my stomach.

"She has a leadership role in the team"

Mona Brorsson competes with Stina Nilsson and Johanna Skottheim among others to get one of the coveted places in the WC squad.

- Mona has done better this week than Stina has done all season, while Skottheim has not done so well.

Currently, I see Mona as the perfect backup.

She has a leadership role within the team, is the one who has been with the longest, is experienced and can contribute to the relay team, says Ferry.