In the past ten years, the Swedish football men have moved several of the January tournaments to Qatar or the United Arab Emirates.

But after a protest among the Allsvenskan clubs, the association turned around in 2021, and at the latest in October, chief legal officer Tobias Tibell said in "Agenda" that he would be "extremely surprised" if the national team chose to camp there again.

- We probably wouldn't make the same decision today, he said. 

"Maybe it would be best if everyone went there"

Now the national team is in place in Algarve, Portugal.

But Janne Andersson doesn't think it was an obvious change.

- The conditions here are okay, but it's definitely not like it was down there when we were there.

My basis is that it is better to go there and highlight what is happening, than to boycott it.

There was talk about Qatar in Sweden when we were there.

What happens now?

The best would perhaps be if all teams went there for training camps in the future and continue to question how the development is going, he says.

Is it frustrating that countries like Germany sign gas agreements with Qatar while there are demands that you boycott? 

- You can go to the government's website and get information from the Swedish embassy in Doha.

Where it says that the embassy is for exchanging trade and so on.

The government and companies in Sweden have collaborations and make money, but we who play football should not be able to go to training camps.

We must stand for something else.

There are a little too high demands on us that we should be the good in all situations.

Would you have advocated for Sweden to be a nation that tried to demonstrate during the World Cup, like England and Germany? 

- I am clear about my values, but what should we protest against when it is a match?

That's where I have my doubts.

I'm not saying it's wrong.

But I doubt that we will have that kind of message when there is a match.

Can't we just be football players and football coaches then and instead talk about these issues on the side?