Chinese women's football poised to take off

  Our reporter Zhao Xiaosong

  For the Chinese women's football team, 2022 is a year of harvest. In India at the beginning of the year, "Clang Rose" won the Asian Cup again after 16 years; for the Chinese women's football team, 2022 is the year of "going out". Famous players have studied abroad in European and American leagues; for the Chinese women's football team, 2022 is also a year of preparation.

This year, the girls will face the tests of the World Cup, Asian Games, and Paris Olympic qualifiers.

  The national team's performance is eye-catching

  In India on February 6 last year, the Chinese women's football team reversed and defeated the South Korean team in the Asian Cup final, winning the championship again after 16 years.

The championship of the Chinese women's football team was hard-won. They maintained a complete victory throughout the competition, and even defeated the previous champion Japan team in a penalty shootout in the semi-finals.

  The 56-year-old head coach Shui Qingxia is undoubtedly the number one contributor to the Chinese women's football team getting on the right track.

After the Tokyo Olympics, she took over as coach. She first let the players regain the fighting spirit of the older generation of women's football.

Shui Qingxia emphasized that the main reason for the Asian Cup's good performance is that the team has achieved the "sonorous rose" spirit of never giving up and never giving up.

At the end of July, the Chinese women's football team remained unbeaten in the East Asian Cup and finally won the runner-up.

  In the U17 Women's World Cup group stage held in October, the Chinese U17 women's football team first defeated the last runner-up Mexico, and then unfortunately lost to the South American powerhouse Colombia and the previous champion Spain.

Although missed the knockout round, the Chinese U17 women's football team showed a strong fighting spirit to the outside world.

  The number of people studying abroad hit a record high

  "I hope that more players will go out and see what the outside world is like, which is good for both the players and the Chinese women's football team." Shui Qingxia has publicly encouraged players to study abroad more than once.

In 2022, as many as 13 Chinese women's football players will play in overseas leagues, and the number of overseas players will hit a record high.

  Among them are Wang Shuang, Tang Jiali, Xiao Yuyi, Yang Lina, Li Mengwen and other players who are in their prime, as well as "post-00" teenagers such as Shen Mengyu, Shen Menglu, Zhang Linyan and Yang Shuhui.

Not long ago, the 32-year-old veteran Li Jiayue announced that he would join the Turkish Galatasaray team and go overseas to pursue his dream at the end of his career.

  Many women's football players who play in overseas leagues have become the main force or even the core of their teams.

Teenager Zhang Linyan has scored 7 goals in 10 games for the Swiss Grasshopper, becoming the team's second-leading scorer; Li Mengwen has played 10 times for Paris Saint-Germain this season, including 5 starts; He scored a "hat-trick" in a Scottish Premiership last month and became the new idol of local fans.

  The reform plan clarifies the development goals

  In October last year, the State Sports General Administration, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, and the Chinese Football Association jointly issued the "Chinese Women's Football Reform and Development Plan (2022-2035)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), which proposed specific plans for the development of Chinese women's football. .

  The "Plan" takes 2025, 2030, and 2035 as three time nodes, and clarifies the development goals of Chinese women's football in terms of the number of sports participants, the level of campus football and youth training, the scale of the league, and the performance of the national team.

Among them, the goal of the 2023 Women's World Cup and the 2024 Olympic Games is to advance to the quarter-finals.

  The "Plan" clearly establishes a sound organizational management system, strengthens the construction and management of the women's football national team, improves the women's football competition system, vigorously develops women's football youth training, reforms and promotes the development of women's football on campus, accelerates the construction of women's football coaches, and popularizes and develops social football There are 7 main tasks in total.

  It is worth mentioning that the "Proposal" puts forward solutions to the problem of "difficulty in surviving" for domestic women's football clubs, including the promotion of "men's football leading women's football" in the Chinese Super League clubs, research on the diversification of equity in women's football clubs, and the implementation of "women's football clubs" from the 2023 season. Input caps, salary caps, etc.

  The national team welcomes 3 competitions this year

  Not long ago, the Chinese women's football team trained in Haikou. Shui Qingxia recruited 27 players from domestic clubs. The team will train until the Spring Festival.

After the Spring Festival, the team will continue to train and prepare for the game, and is expected to go to Spain for overseas training in February, where they will play multiple warm-up matches.

  This year, the Chinese women's football team will participate in the Women's World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand, the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Paris Olympic qualifiers. Among them, the performance in the World Cup is the most anticipated.

In the World Cup draw held last year, the Chinese women's football team was in the same group as England, Denmark and a qualifying team.

  "Beijing Daily" January 4, 2023, Page 12