Ebba Andersson has recovered from the covid cold she contracted at the beginning of December, and is charging for a competitive comeback.

Although she herself missed the Tour de Ski, she does not intend to miss following the races from home.

- You have to plan your training times to be able to catch up and follow the races.

Now I just managed to get home from the morning session to watch the men's 10 km in Oberstdorf, and then before session number two today, I will have time to follow the ladies' race as well, she says. 

- Even though I don't have the opportunity to be there, I don't try to close my eyes to reality and pretend that the competitions there don't exist, but instead use it as inspiration to make me want to compete myself.

Hope for Frida Karlsson

Ebba Andersson strongly believes in her friend Frida Karlsson in the competitions.

- You just have to keep going and believe in yourself.

Frida skis fast and I know she knows that too, so you just have to trust it, she says.  

Do you think Frida will win the whole tour?

- Yes, but she has very good conditions and has created a very good starting position now for the future.

I don't want to jinx anything either, but at least it looks good so far.