“The story of a suitcase.” Messi and his wife cried for hours after winning the World Cup

The captain of the Argentine national team, Lionel Messi, revealed that he and his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, had cried hours after winning the World Cup "Qatar 2022" on the morning after December 18, after winning a penalty shootout at the expense of France, and the reason is "the story of the suitcase", and this At a time when he should have been very happy and happy after he led his country to the world title that he had been looking for for many years, because of which he suffered from the injustice of a class of Argentines that forced him to retire in 2016.

Lionel Messi surprised the listeners of the "Perros de la Cala" program, which is broadcast on the Argentine station "Urban Play", with an audio message sent by the program, Andico Snitzov, in which he congratulated him on the success of the surgery he had undergone, while the surprise was when he sent a greeting full of feelings to journalist Hernan Casciari on The story of the suitcase that he had told during a previous episode of the same programme.

The leader of the “tango” said in the audio recording: “My wife Antonella made me watch your clip, Hernan. Let me tell you that what you wrote and the way you told the story was absolutely wonderful. I cried because of it because you were so honest. Everything you said had sentimental value.” Kabira, I wanted to send you my greetings and wishes, and I would also like to tell you that we enjoyed the story and it made us cry, I just wanted you to know this matter and thanks again.

The details of the story of "Messi's Travel Bag" go back to 2003, when Argentine journalist Hernan told interesting details of the great transformation journey of Messi, who left his hometown of Rosario as a child and his development over time into the first man in Barcelona and crowning him with all the titles and how during this period he remained loyal. For his Argentine homeland, unlike a number of other Argentines.

Casciari tells that in 2003, during his stay in Barcelona, ​​when Messi arrived young in Spain, the third Catalan channel was broadcasting the club's age-old matches on Saturday and Sunday, and that in those days the most frequently asked question between the two Argentines was how to make "Dolce de" candy. "Leche", which is the famous Latin dessert, while the second question was about the timing of the match in which the talented 15-year-old Rosario boy was playing. Messi did not talk much and that during interviews with him he would only respond with a yes or no in addition to thank you.

During that period of time, many Argentine immigrants, as soon as they arrived in Spain, put their suitcases in the tank very far away, forgetting about Argentina, and seeming to speak in a Spanish accent. The media has an Argentine accent, as it clearly pronounces the letter "chin", and Casciari said: "This made us feel that he was one of us who carried their suitcase and did not try to hide their identity."

With the passage of time and Messi's participation with the national team, the result was zero, and after that he began to receive insults from the Argentines, who said that he did not present the same level that he appears in Barcelona, ​​and some of them described him as Spanish and not Argentine, and that he did not know anything because he lived far from it throughout this period and asked him to retire, which is what He invited him to make the difficult decision, and Casciari said: "It was disappointing. Those insults burned us and we could not understand them, but Messi did not cut that umbilical cord with Argentina and then returned strong."

The Argentine journalist recounts how the footage circulated after the Netherlands match when he appeared insulting one of the players in the “mills” team, and said: “We who are in the Diaspora when we heard that, noticed that he spoke with an Argentine accent and that the letter “shin” was also clear. We knew he was still the guy who didn't hide his suitcase."

He concluded, "During the Christmas holidays, Messi kept returning to Rosario to celebrate it with his family and neighbors, as usual, but the only thing that has changed this year is what he brought to us inside his bag."

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