, Beijing, December 28th. In the world football world in 2022, the stars will shine and the new king will be crowned.

The Argentine team won the World Cup and became a legend, while the Moroccan team was a dark horse with tenacity and perseverance; Modric was old and strong, and Mbappe was full of youth...Zhai Tianyi, a student from Tianjin Normal University, used a brush as a medium to paint Salute to football stars.

Messi crowned "king of the ball"

  In the 5th World Cup, the 35-year-old Messi led the "Pampas Eagle" to come prepared this time, which is more inevitable than the previous four times.

  Except for the "accidental" loss to Saudi Arabia in the first group match, the Argentine team has been advancing on the established track.

When the final whistle blew and Messi held up the long-awaited Hercules Cup, fans all over the world went crazy for it.

  Beginning with skills and ending with character, Messi was finally crowned "King of the Ball".

Ronaldo never tires

  In the quarter-finals of the Qatar World Cup against the "dark horse" Morocco, the 37-year-old Ronaldo continued to come off the bench in the second round of the knockout round.

He threatened the opponent's goal several times, but failed to turn the tide for Portugal.

  "Winning the World Cup for Portugal is the biggest dream of my career. I have fought for it for a long time. I participated in 5 World Cups in 16 years. With the support of millions of Portuguese people, I gave everything. Unfortunately, this The dream is over..." After being eliminated by Morocco, Ronaldo cried like a child, letting tears flow down his cheeks.

The elegant "Magic Flute" continues to play

  All the way through the ups and downs, the thin Modric led the "Lattice Army" to play a song of Croatian rhapsody.

  Four years ago in Moscow, the Croats were a little less lucky.

The Golden Globe Award that year was awarded to the "Magic Flute", which became the biggest compliment to this green field artist.

In Qatar this year, Modric continued to play the core role of the team, leading the team all the way to the semi-finals.

  On the night when the trip to Qatar ended, Modric bent over and stared at his innocent daughter devoutly, which made people feel suddenly: "Football has better things besides winning or losing, such as family love."

Mbappe is worth the wait

  Mbappe, who lifted the Hercules Cup with the French team four years ago, is now more mature. He has done his part to shoulder the task of destroying the French team.

Before the World Cup final in Qatar, Mbappe and Messi launched an impact on the Golden Boot.

In the first half of the game, the French team fell behind 0:2.

During the intermission, Mbappe impassionedly encouraged his teammates to "counterattack" bravely.

The French team woke up like a dream, and Mbappe scored two consecutive cities in 97 seconds, making the situation suddenly stalemate.

  When the Argentine took the lead again in extra time, Mbappe stood up again, and he completed a hat-trick to help the team equalize again.

  "Gallic Rooster" eventually fell in the penalty shootout. Mbappe failed to win the second Hercules Cup in his life, but he has once again amazed the world.

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