• Relay Luis Enrique is already history;

    Luis de la Fuente, new national coach

It is possible that he will never admit it - or yes, because

Luis Enrique has become an indecipherable character even for those who thought they knew him very well

- but the clues he was leaving in the months prior to the World Cup led one to think that his idea was to follow the team, at least until Euro 2024. In fact, shortly before traveling to Qatar, Luis Enrique was involved in organizing some aspects of the League of Nations final, which is played in the Netherlands on next June (and that faces Spain, between the 14th and 18th, with Croatia, the Netherlands and Italy).

However, a process that had begun several months before, culminating in the poor performance of the team on the pitch during the World Cup, left him without the possibility of choosing his continuity.

"It is the first time that it happens to me.

In more than 10 years of coaching career,

it is the first time that the place where I am does not offer me the possibility to continue

», He said a few days after finishing the World Cup in Qatar in an interview on Twitch with Ibai Llanos.

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World Cup 2022.

Spain's saddest hours in Qatar and a very strange Luis Enrique: "Something broke"

  • Drafting: EDUARDO J. CASTELAODoha

Spain's saddest hours in Qatar and a very strange Luis Enrique: "Something broke"

World Cup 2022.

A matter of spotlights: the future no longer only depends on what Luis Enrique wants

  • Drafting: EDUARDO J. CASTELAO (Special Envoy) Doha

A matter of spotlights: the future no longer only depends on what Luis Enrique wants

Indeed, 2022 has ended for Luis Enrique with a new experience, and that is that the Federation was the one that did not want to continue with him on the bench.

The process, it is written, had begun long before.

On the noble floor of the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas

, the constant praise for the coach had been observed with suspicion for a long time when it came to enhancing the performance of the senior team


A sportingly dead team after the World Cup in Russia and which, with Luis Enrique in charge, was looked at with affection after having played in a League of Nations final, eliminating Italy and losing to France due to a controversial goal by Mbappé and , above all, after having reached the semifinals of a Eurocup.

That penultimate step of a great competition had not been touched since 2010. The road had not been the best (two draws in the first two games against Sweden and Poland, an extra time in the round of 16 against Croatia and some penalties in the quarterfinals against Switzerland), but they were a semifinal after all.

Just before traveling to Qatar, a prestigious victory in Braga against Portugal to get into another League of Nations final.

In the first game of the World Cup, a historic 7-0 defeat of Costa Rica


All the praise was concentrated on the coach, and those in charge of the Federation did not quite like that, so that the change was already beginning to be considered before the ball began to roll in the World Cup.

"It will be a matter of feeling," they said from Las Rozas days before traveling.

And that idea of ​​the replacement on the bench finished consolidating, with the version of Luis Enrique who traveled to Qatar.

To begin with, when he

communicated to the Federation that he was going to launch his Twitch.

He didn't sit very well that he didn't even consult


He took it for granted and started it.

No more.

In the middle of the World Cup.

From that pulpit he improved his image for a new audience, that channel's own, decidedly younger, more dynamic, who discovered a guy with an impeccable speech in many areas, purely and not purely football.

The education of children, youth football, their passions...

Xana's memory

Outside of his live performances, a humanized version of Luis Enrique was also seen.

It was the day of Germany, November 27, when his daughter Xana would have turned 13 and he, after drawing against the Germans, dedicated some precious words to her: «It has been a special day for me and my family.

It has been for a long time.

It is evident that we do not have our daughter, but we try to live it naturally, remembering her, laughing, thinking about how she would act in many of the things that happen to us on a daily basis.

This is how life works, they are not only beautiful things, but it also consists of managing those moments ».

It is here, in this episode of his life, where his philosophy of life is reinforced, a permanent

Carpe Diem

where everything, absolutely everything, loses significance.

Transferring that philosophy to the Qatar concentration, Luis Enrique's obsession with transmitting that, with taking pressure off the boys, youngsters, of the team, ended up cooling the group too much.

"It is important to arrive with the right point of motivation, not to go too far," insisted the Spaniard, and what happened was the opposite.

The team got too cold.

It also happened that the tactical fundamentalism of Luis Enrique left, in the opinion of the managers of the Federation, Spain without a plan B to face matches like the one in Morocco, after which, by the way, the coach said:

"I am satisfied because my players have perfectly carried out my idea of ​​​​football»


It didn't seem like the best message, right.

A renewed selection is leaving, a united group that

Luis de la Fuente must now shape


And in 2023...

Final of the League of Nations.

It will take place next June, specifically between the 14th and 18th of that month, and will take place in two cities in the Netherlands, Rotterdam and Enshede, as there is a Justin Bieber concert in Amsterdam.

Good rivals.

In the previous event, held in 2021, Spain beat Italy in the semifinals and lost to France in the final.

On this occasion, in the absence of the draw, it will be measured against Italy, Croatia and the Netherlands.

Semifinals and final.

Road to the Eurocup.

Before that, in March, the qualifying phase for Euro 2024 begins. In March Luis de la Fuente will debut against Norway and Scotland.

Between September, October and November the group is completed.

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