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Qatar World Cup break has ended and the Premier League is on its way again.

The day after Christmas, Son Heung-min, who was particularly strong on the so-called Boxing Day, challenges the league's 4th goal.

This is reporter Ha Seong-ryong.

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Premier League, which had a 6-week break due to the World Cup in Qatar, starts the 'Boxing Day' week like a Christmas present, starting with Son Heung-min's team Tottenham and Brantford's head-to-head match.

Starting with this game, Tottenham is on a forced march of 4 matches in 13 days. 12 players, including Son Heung-min and Harry Kane, are tired from the World Cup, and Hischarlisson and Moura leave due to injuries. It's not pleasant.

[Coach Conte/Tottenham: It's not nice to have to resume the league so quickly, just a week after the World Cup.]

Still, Son Heung-min, who was particularly strong on 'Boxing Day', trained with a bright face and prepared a goal gift. there is.

Heung-Min Son earned the nickname 'Sonta Claus' by flying with 5 goals and 2 assists in 7 matches of 'Boxing Day'. It left a sense of anticipation.


Wolverhampton's Hwang Hee-chan is also determined.

Although it was pushed back in the competition for the first half,

As the lowest ranked Wolverhampton recruited Brazilian striker Cuna, Hwang Hee-chan's Boxing Day weekly performance is expected to affect the competition for the starting position.

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