Lee Kang-in, who had a great performance at the World Cup in Qatar, appeared on a domestic YouTube channel to present memories to young people and tell various stories behind the World Cup.

This is reporter Ha Seong-ryong.


Lee Kang-in dresses up as Santa and secretly visits soccer dreamers.

['Santa' Lee Kang-in: (I) don't you know?

I don't know?]

[Guys, it's Lee Kang-in~]

[Wow~ Hello.]

He gives gifts to each child and signs soccer balls.

[Lee Kang-in: Do you want to do better than your brother?

Then you just have to work harder than your brother.]

Before returning to Spain, Lee Kang-in, who presented wonderful memories to the youngsters,

also told a lot about his World Cup backstory.

I recalled the so-called 'courier cross' scene that helped Cho Kyu-seong's pursuit goal against Ghana, and

[Lee Kang-in/Soccer national team midfielder: I saw it.

I don't know who.

There is just one red player (Cho Kyu-seong).

So I just matched it up.]

Hwang Hee-chan's undressing ceremony shook his head, saying that he would never be able to do it himself.

[Lee Kang-in/Soccer national team midfielder: I absolutely can't.

do i do that?

I don't play soccer anymore...

I can promise you I can't.

Heechan hyung suits him well.]

There was a reason why they stood out in the group sliding ceremony.

[Lee Kang-in/Soccer team midfielder: It seems like it will hurt if you fall forward.

You know falling on your side hurts as little as possible, right?

I tried it sideways and it bounced.

As I fell, I said 'I'm screwed'.

My pelvis hurts.

I bumped into him too hard.]

After the round of 16, the story that Brazil's Neymar first proposed a uniform exchange was misleading, and he laughed.

[Lee Kang-in/Soccer team midfielder: Neymar knows who I am...

I waited because I wanted to change it, and when I asked to change it, they just changed it right away.]

After his unforgettable first World Cup, Lee Kang-in pledged to play an active role for the rest of the season, saying he would repay the great love he received from the fans with his performance.

(Video editing: Oh Yeong-taek, CG: Kang Kyung-rim · Eom So-min)