The estimated transfer fee for Korean national football team striker Cho Kyu-seong (24, Jeonbuk) has soared by 1.9 million euros, or about 2.6 billion won in Korean money, within a year.

'Transfermarkt', a European football-specialized Internet media, has announced a new transfer fee estimate for 53 key players who played in the Qatar World Cup.

The expected transfer fee for Cho Kyu-seong in November before the World Cup was 1.4 million euros, but after the World Cup, it jumped to 2.5 million euros, our money of 3.4 billion won.

In particular, compared to the expected transfer fee of 600,000 euros in December of last year, a year ago, it has soared by 2.5 million euros in a year.

Kyu-Sung Cho made a strong impression with his performance, scoring two goals in the second group match against Ghana at the Qatar World Cup.

There are reports from foreign media that teams from Turkey and Scotland are showing interest in Cho Kyu-sung.

Kylian Mbappe (France), who became the top scorer at the World Cup in Qatar, was expected to have an estimated transfer fee of 160 million euros before the opening of the World Cup, but it has risen to 180 million euros in this announcement.

It reaches 245 billion won in our money.

Impressive performance at the World Cup has raised the transfer estimate for Yoshko Gbardiol (Croatia) from €60 million to €75 million.