Screenshot of FIFA official website., December 22. On the 22nd Beijing time, FIFA updated the world rankings. Brazil still tops the list. Argentina, which just won the World Cup, ranks second and France ranks third.

The national football ranking dropped 6 places from the end of last year to 80th.

  It is worth mentioning that the last world ranking was updated on October 6. During this period, the national football team did not have a national team match, so the points did not change, but the ranking was overtaken by Gabon, dropping one place to 80th.

  In terms of Asian rankings, the Japanese team ranked 20th in the world ranks first in Asia, followed by Iran, South Korea, and Australia.

The national football team ranks 11th in Asia.

  Here are the top ten in the world:

  1. Brazil

  2. Argentina

  3. France

  4. Belgium

  5. England

  6. Netherlands

  7. Croatia

  8. Italy

  9. Portugal

  10. Spain