Christophe Dugarry may no longer be a consultant but he retains his sharp eye on football.

And inevitably, the content of the World Cup final between France and Argentina did not escape him.

Beyond the emotion aroused by the hair-raising end of the match for the Blues and the ultimately fatal penalty shoot-out, the former striker did not at all understand the reasons for the porridge offered during the first 80 minutes.

And he would like us to talk about it a little more.

“I am disappointed to see that this non-victory is analyzed solely through emotion and the scenario, he observes in an interview with


on Thursday.

There is an analysis to be made on the game, and on the eighty minutes which are part of the most catastrophic of the French team of the last fifty years, on a day of the World Cup final.

It seems to me that this deserves a debate.


Remarks which obviously target Didier Deschamps, first responsible as coach and which we have not heard on the merits, according to him.

What bothers Dugarry about his former teammate?

"You can never talk about football," he replies.

That we don't do it when we win, like in 2018, on the theme "I don't care, I won", okay, eventually, but when you lose, you owe an explanation, you owe a debate, at least on match preparation.


While DD has the keys in hand to decide whether or not he continues at the head of the Blues, Christophe Dugarry, unsurprisingly, calls for change in favor of Zinedine Zidane.

“I do not hide that I would prefer it to be Zizou, I want to see something else, he admits.

Deschamps, I hear what he says, but you can't say that the France team belongs to everyone and keep it for twelve years, especially when you have a possible successor who has won the Champions League and who can bring something to the France team.

He'll have the answer sometime in January, but unfortunately for Duga, that doesn't really seem to be the trend.


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