Argentina's national football team, which won the World Cup in Qatar, returned home with a triumphal parade and was celebrated by millions of citizens.

The Argentine national team, which won the soccer World Cup Qatar tournament for the third time in 36 years, returned to Japan on the 20th and held a triumphant return parade.

As soon as the roofless double-decker bus carrying the players departed from the suburbs of the capital city of Buenos Aires, it was surrounded by a large number of citizens and received an enthusiastic celebration.

The bus was scheduled to hold a parade towards the city center after this, but the citizens gathered more than expected, so the players changed to a helicopter and flew over the route where the parade was planned.

The Argentine government declared the 20th a public holiday so that more citizens could congratulate the national team, and local media reported that millions of people turned out to watch the parade.

A man who came to see the parade said, 'It's a shame we couldn't see Messi, but they came back with the winning trophy.This is what we've been waiting for. I was talking.

"We have been waiting for 36 years. We are all thrilled," the woman said.