After the goal, Messi imitated Riquelme's celebration and paid tribute to his idol.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

(Qatar World Cup) Daily Star: Miracle Messi

  China News Agency, Beijing, December 19th, title: One Star Every Day: Miracle Messi

  China News Agency reporter Gao Kai

  The moment when he won the Hercules Cup, Messi's World Cup "swan song" ended successfully. Almost fans who like Messi all over the world felt the joy and satisfaction of their dreams coming true at that moment.

  Pursue the dream, persevere, go back and forth, never change your original intention, and finally get it - in a sense, this is a carnival for Messi, and it is the joy of people's hearts that the fairy tale expectations of life come true.

  "I will always remember my first football, it is like a candy in my heart." Messi, who embraced his life dream and showed his talent at the age of 4, is lucky enough, but the subsequent ups and downs are also well known. Left and right were diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency by a doctor.

That night, he became the protagonist of the World Cup.

Leo Messi ushered in his milestone night.

  Fighting against fate for the dream, despite hardships, but with the persistence of a strong will, he turned around.

When the huge cost of auxin almost blocked the football dream, Rexach, the director of the Barcelona club at the time, took a look at Messi during the trial training and insisted on initialing the agreement on a napkin, leaving the "" Napkin Contract".

  Driven by talent and dream potential, Messi quickly conquered the world with his strength.

From the excellent dribbling described as "a work of art", to the extremely precise positioning in front of the goal, the "best choice" in every fleeting moment, Messi on the field not only has excellent skills People, the ability to read the game is very comparable.

  In Barcelona, ​​the young Messi not only quickly became the core of the team, but also quickly took countless club and personal honors into his arms.

  If the birth of Messi is an excellent inspirational prelude, then everything between him and the Hercules Cup has achieved the most tortuous and beautiful fairy tale in the real world.

After three rounds of the group stage, the Argentine team advanced to the top 16 with two wins and one loss with 6 points.

  After the era of Maradona is gone, Argentine fans are dreaming of a different player, a phenomenal, magical player who can make them love and admire like Maradona.

The shy Messi may not be domineering, but his talent on the court is obvious to all. What people need is for him to grow into the leader of the "Blue and White Army".

  At the age of 19, Messi came to the World Cup for the first time and became the youngest player in the history of the Argentine team to play in the World Cup. Scoring one goal in three games was the starting point for this supernova in the World Cup.

  In the following World Cup cycle, Messi became a world-renowned superstar. In his second World Cup trip, Messi debuted as an absolute core, but there was nothing. Argentina stopped in the top 8.

In the final round of the group stage of this cup, Messi served as the captain for the first time and became the youngest captain in the history of the Argentine team.

  Four years later, Messi, who has accumulated various honors, came to the World Cup again, which is "both a dream and a knot in his heart". People saw the rare "murderous spirit" in the eyes of the Argentine captain.

Sure enough, I tried my best all the way and finally played with the Hercules Cup. However, just one step away, the German's lore in the 114th minute pierced the "Blue and White Dream".

On December 18, Beijing time, the 2022 Qatar World Cup final, the match between Argentina and France officially started.

The picture shows Messi celebrating a goal.

  After another 4 years, the introverted and humble Messi came to the World Cup again, still yearning for the Gold Cup.

However, the aging of the back line and the disconnection of the midfield and the front field made Argentina no longer have the strength before. Messi tried his best, but the team missed the top 8.

  No one knows what Messi has experienced in his heart during these shocks. When the time comes to 2022, it has to be admitted that the peak period of this football superstar on the green field has passed. The 21-year Barcelona golden career has also come to an end.

  This time I came to Qatar, lost to Saudi Arabia in the first game, and stumbled out of the group stage. People don’t want to "cruelly" expect too much from the 35-year-old Messi. They are more psychologically prepared to bid farewell to a generation of legends with appreciation. back view.

This is always the case in the real world, you have to leave if you have to go, it is a pity that you are helpless, but it is also the norm.

  However, the legend finally flashed an unbelievable light. Messi and Argentina seemed to be in a good state despite many difficulties, especially Messi, who led the national team to break through again and again. With his perseverance and persistence, he showed an increasingly distinct kingly spirit.

With goals and assists again and again, in this World Cup, Messi can always carry the ambition of "Pampas Eagle" at critical moments.

In the early morning of December 19th, Beijing time, the Qatar World Cup final came to an end. The Argentine team defeated the French team with a total score of 7:5 through a penalty shootout (regular time 2:2, overtime 1:1, penalty shootout 4:2) , won the World Cup again after 36 years, and won the Hercules Cup for the third time in team history.

After the game, the 2022 Qatar World Cup Final Awards Ceremony will be held on the spot.

The picture shows Messi kissing the Hercules Cup.

  Messi, who once again stood in the World Cup finals, finally ignited people's expectations for the ultimate beauty.

  "World Cup playing time surpassed Maldini, the first in history" "The first player who can send assists in five consecutive World Cups" "The first single World Cup group stage, 1/8 finals, 1/4 finals, semi-finals and finals in history Players who have scored goals" "The player who won the most official best times in the history of the World Cup" "The number of World Cup appearances reached 26 games, the first in history" "The first player in history to win the World Cup Golden Globe Award twice"... …

  In this wonderful classic duel, Messi's outstanding performance is worthy of this decisive battle worthy of being recorded in history, worthy of an equally great opponent, and worthy of all the ups and downs along the way with persistence.

  "In order to win the World Cup, I am willing to exchange all the honors I get." "Compared with the Golden Globe, I would rather win a World Cup." Messi has expressed more than once that winning the World Cup is the ultimate goal of his life. ideal.

  After the 2014 World Cup final, Messi said that he might regret that summer for the rest of his life.

Messi, who persisted, was lucky in the end. Eight years later, with the data of 7 goals and 3 assists, he personally repainted his memories of the World Cup final with the colors of victory.