Data map: Infantino re-elected

  China News Service, December 20th. After the 2022 World Cup in Qatar ended, FIFA President Infantino said that football is becoming a global sport. Fans from all over the world enjoyed this football feast together. He will also This World Cup has been described as the best ever.

  Infantino recalled the group stage of this World Cup: "The level of competition was very high, teams from all continents reached the knockout stage, so football is becoming global." He also thanked the host Qatar: "It's incredible what this beautiful country has done and everyone feels at home."

  "For all the fans, whether they came to Qatar to watch the World Cup live, or watched it live from home, I think everyone around the world really embraced this World Cup. We saw how football brought the world together. United in everything, the fans who came to Qatar and the fans all over the world are together in peace and joy," said Infantino.