On February 20, 2020, Ingvild Flugstad Östberg took his last podium in the host cup.

Now, almost three years later, she is back at the top again.

The 32-year-old came second in the 20 km freestyle in Davos behind the American Jessie Diggins.

- Considering what has happened in recent years.

It feels extra.

It was fantastically lovely, says Östberg to NRK after the competition.

Since the fall of 2019, Ingvild Flugstad Östberg has been stopped from competing three times because she did not pass the health requirements of the Norwegian national team.

The World Cup premiere in Ruka earlier this winter was her first competition in almost a year.

After the comeback, Östberg told SVT Sport that she dared to dream of WC gold again.

- I have to be honest and say that it has been a motivation in everything I have been through.

To come back and fight up there.

Johaug: "I'm so damn impressed"

And now the Norwegian is back "up there".

After second place in Davos, Östberg was praised by her friend Therese Johaug, who is now an expert at NRK.

- Damn father, Ingvild!

I'm so damn impressed with your race today.

No one understands what you've been through, I can tell that.

When Östberg sees the greeting, she is moved.

- She is probably a little right about that.

It has been tough, it has.

I have had the faith to be back where I am today, but at the same time I have also lost faith, says Östberg.

CLIP: After the difficult times – the Norwegian dares to dream of WC gold (December 13, 2022)

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Ingvild Flugstad Östberg dares to dream of WC gold again