Mexican journalist and sports expert Alvaro Morales made serious accusations against the Argentine national team after winning the Qatar World Cup 2022 on Sunday, after defeating France in the final on penalties (4-2) after the end of the match, with a tie (3-3).

According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, Morales, who works as a commentator and presenter on ESPN, accused Argentina of resorting to illegal methods such as doping and cheating in order to win the 2022 World Cup.

Marca added that the accusations of the Mexican journalist are not considered a precedent, as it is not the first time that Morales has targeted the Argentine national team and its players. The character of the two superstars Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona.

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Doping and targets by hand

Speaking on a program broadcast on international "ESBN" channels, Morales made harsh and dangerous comments to the Argentine national team, saying: "Argentine football has won the World Cup 3 times in a shameful and scandalous manner."

And the Mexican sports presenter continued: “Just as happened in the 1978 World Cup with a goalkeeper of Argentine origin (Ramon Quiroga) who played for the Peruvian national team and accepted 6 goals in his net in his match against his home country, in addition to the intervention of the Argentine government and its contribution to that coronation, so the matter was repeated in another way.” In the 1986 World Cup, using cheating and drug abuse, Maradona resorted to scoring goals with his hands to bring Argentina to the podium.

And "Marca" revealed that Morales also does not see the coronation of Argentina in the Qatar World Cup 2022 as a legitimate and unambiguous matter. He compares, for example, to Pele's three World Cup triumphs.

And he continued: “I also congratulate the referees for awarding Argentina penalties that were not legal at all, especially in the final match when Messi’s comrades were awarded a penalty kick that did not exist, in addition to their condoning the raising of red cards for Marcos Acuna and Emiliano Martinez. They wanted to see Messi as a world champion and it was theirs.” This is in unauthorized ways.

Argentina defeated Mexico and contributed to its exit from the first round of the Qatar World Cup (Getty Images)

The Argentine national team played in the first round against Mexico and won (2-0) in Group C, for which Argentina and Poland qualified for the second round.