Many Arab fans prefer to call the Moroccan national team the "Atlas Lions" after their great brilliance in the World Cup in Qatar, praising them for their great courage and "preying" on a group of strong teams during the competition, but a large number of them do not know the origin of the name or its cause, as is the case. For the titles of a group of teams.

Similar to the various major football competitions around the world, the ball tracker is on a date with hearing a group of nicknames with national, historical or nature-inspired connotations and symbols, which are linked to specific teams.

The name "Atlas Lions" emerged strongly during the 2022 World Cup finals, after it roared strongly in the stadiums of Qatar, and achieved an unprecedented Arab and African achievement by reaching the golden square, in addition to being defeated by strong teams such as Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

Moroccan dreams became big after the historic participation in the World Cup in Qatar (French)

What does the nickname "Atlas Lions" mean?

This nickname was given to the Moroccan national team, in reference to the "Atlas Lion" who lived in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco for several centuries before the French colonizer announced in 1922 the killing of the last lion roaming in the mountains and prairies.

Unlike the lion in southern Africa, which loves plains and flat lands, the "Atlas Lions" dynasty loves mountains and heights.

Despite the fact that this species of lions has disappeared from the Moroccan mountains since the twenties of the last century, some of them are still in the zoo in the capital, Rabat, and are subject to special care from the Moroccan authorities to prevent their final extinction.

According to the management of the Moroccan Zoo, these lions live up to 30 years, and their weight may reach 200 kg for males, and 150 kg for females, and they are able to devour 10 kg of meat per day.

And at the beginning of this year, the zoo administration in Rabat announced the birth of 5 new lions of the "Atlas Lions" family, bringing the family of lions to 37 lions, all in the aforementioned park.

In addition to the national team, the "Atlas Lion" has a special symbolism among Moroccans, as it is also present in the emblem of the Moroccan royal family, which includes two lions of the Atlas lions surrounding the kingdom's crown and its five-pointed star.

In addition to the national flag and the red, green or white shirts of the national team, a number of Moroccan fans prefer to wear shirts bearing images of lions, in reference to the national team.